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‘Worst first date’: Shocking woman’s story on Taco Bell prompts ‘crowd’ of women to claim similar experiences

A woman on TikTok goes viral with a story of her worst first date, in which her suitor bought 100 tacos from Taco Bell and brought her home to eat them in silence. (Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – Woman who went viral with hilarious story of her “worst first date” now claims a “host” of other women have told surprisingly similar – and gruesome first date stories -, possibly with the same romantically challenged bachelor.

Elyse Myers, a web developer and content creator from Nebraska, first shared the story of her disastrous 2011 date on TikTok last week. As she explained in the video, Myers met his suitor on a dating app before heading to his house, where she assumed they would meet up and leave for a restaurant. Instead, the man hopped in his car, directed it to a Taco Bell drive-thru, and ordered 100 crispy tacos.

Worse yet, Myers says he forgot his wallet, forcing him to fork out around $ 149.07 on Taco Bell tacos.

“It’s happening. I am committed to it now. It’s happening, ”Myers said unmoved.

As Myers continued to explain, she and her date returned home – where her father was hanging out – and started eating tacos at the kitchen table.

“We eat hard-shelled tacos in complete silence. You can hear us both chewing. It’s absolute chaos, ”she joked.

Finally, Myers says she decided to leave when the dad on her date grabbed a taco and asked if she’d like to see his “studio.”

Before running away, she also picked up the remaining 94 tacos “because I paid for them”.

Unsurprisingly, Myers’ horrific story has been seen nearly 16 million times. More surprising, however, are the women who reached out to Myers to say they had been on almost identical dates, possibly with the same man.

A woman, named Jen, reached out to Myers to ask when and where the date occurred “because she had a similar experience,” Myers told Nexstar. In this case, Jen’s date took place in California … where Myers was living in 2011 when she met her boy Taco Bell.

“Then a bunch of other women started telling me they had a similar date,” Myers told Nexstar. “I don’t know how it’s not the same guy who shoots and performs this play on other women.”

In a series of follow-up videos, Myers admitted that she ignored a series of red flags during the date. But as she told Nexstar, she was a “naive” 18 year old girl who “just wanted to have a date because I could”.

“Honestly, I felt I had to do whatever it took to get through the date so I could leave safely. That’s why I bought all HUNDREDS of the tacos.

“I totally understand why people think it’s crazy that I would have let even one red flag pass (not to mention all of them) but I was doing what I thought was best.” , she added. “And clearly I made the wrong choices. Lesson learned. “

As for the 94 leftover tacos? Myers said she “ate all 94 of those soggy boys” because she spent the equivalent of two weeks of grocery money at Taco Bell on that fateful evening of 2011.

“I’m still waiting for my $ 149.07,” she added.