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Women say ‘nerds make the best husbands’ – men seem fake

And the geek gets the girl?

Pretending to be a Jedi knight armed with a light-up lightsaber, fanning out to “Star Wars,” animated animations and even rocking a bulky pocket protector – these are all the elements of a great husband, according to the je -social media know-it-all.

“Go nerd,” encouraged soon-to-be-married podcaster Isabel Brown, 26, of Florida, in a trending TikTok newsletter with more than 5.3 million views.

“Nerds make the best husbands,” she captioned the clip. “It is a fact.”

Brown, who is engaged, began her virtual counseling with a stitched-together video of another TikTok user asking how other women have managed to find a loving man who satisfies all of their needs.

She then shamed society for not celebrating the supreme splendor of four-eyed men wearing suspenders.

Women online sing the praises of nerdy men, hailing them as the men who make the “best” husbands.
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“Honestly, it blows my mind how we have this whole trope in American literature, movies and TV shows about the nerdy girl who lights up as she grows up,” Brown said of the common themes in famous romantic comedy classics like “She’s All That” and “Never Been Kissed.”

“But we don’t (see) that for (nerdy) men,” she continued.

The blonde then listed the three most telling traits that make anti-jocks great grooms.

“Hear me loud and clear,” Brown said, “If he has a lightsaber, green flag.”

osplayer dressed as 'Kylo Ren' from 'Star Wars' at the Yorkshire Cosplay Convention at Sheffield Arena.
Brown noted that men who love Star Wars and Harry Potter are ideal marriage candidates.
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“If he bought a wand from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the greenest flag possible,” she added.

“If he has an unhealthy obsession with Ashoka Tano, you better run to the altar,” Brown said before giving “bonus points” to the dweeb who is also obsessed with Monopoly.

“These boys with unappreciated needs grow up to be men who see what’s (inside),” she insisted.

And online lovers agreed.

Photo of a funny and emotional nerdy young man wearing rectangular glasses exclaiming excitedly, opening his mouth wide as a pretty girl kissed him on the cheek.
Online, women agreed with Brown’s belief that nerds are great partners, sharing their own experiences with stereotypically unpopular men in his comments section.

“I married the nerdy, anime-loving gamer boy. It wouldn’t change anything for the world,” commented a Poindexter’s wife.


Another uncool child chaser reposted Brown’s clip and edited snapshots of her own nerdy husband, saying, “She’s right.” They’re the nerds…(My husband) is amazing. He is sweet, kind, loving and an amazing father. They’re the nerds.

And a relationship guru, known digitally as @UrDivorceSurvivalGuide, explained why he and other idiots make great partners.

“The nerds are the ones who (were) always on the outside, (seeing) all the jocks and so-called hot guys selected…and looking at these beautiful girls (they were) always attracted to her, stubborn and shit on. , and thinking, ‘My God, I wouldn’t do any of that (to women),'” he said. “You learn what not to do (in relationships).

The self-crowned guide went on to note that nerds also learn the importance of loyalty, honor, and character through their brain vices like anime and the Star Wars universe.

“Find someone who was ugly, a nerd – one of the rejects,” he advised, “and that person, oh my god, that’s the person you want.”

Traditionally, less debonair men have scored big with hot women in the recent past. Online, a Houston-based couple known as Scott and Divine have racked up more than 52 million views for their unhinged appeal. And last May, voluptuous divorcee Kim Kardashian made her affinity for brainiacs clear when she donned an “I Love Nerds” crop top at a Lakers game.

But not everyone is a fan of the awkward guy-does-good-husband theory.

Pretty woman holding the hand of a funny bearded man nerd in glasses and funny clothes
Although many agree with Brown that nerds make great husbands, one nerd disagrees.
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A self-confessed nerd named Justin said that arresting a stupid guy could backfire.

“(Some) aren’t interested in nerdy topics themselves — they have no motivation to relate to it, they have no motivation to be a part of it,” he said.

“So it loses all interest for me.”

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