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Woman smashes down Brooklyn subway escalator and says her skin was torn “like I was scratched by a tiger”

A Brooklyn mother smashed down a subway escalator by a complete stranger and says she is covered in claw marks after she fell down the metal stairs and is terrified of seeing her attacker again.

Speaking on condition that her name not be released, the 30-year-old fashion design student said she was returning home when she was assaulted at the Atlantic Ave.-Barclays Center station on Thursday night.

“I was coming home from school. I haven’t met this man. I had no prior engagement with him, ”said the victim.

She was near the top of the escalator when the man jostled her.

“I said, ‘Say excuse me’. Just those three words, ”the victim said. “And then I looked the other way. He replied aggressively,” I said excuse me. “

The man turned around, she said, “And boom, he automatically kicked me in the chest. Oh my God, it was from the top of the Barclay Center escalator to the bottom. “

Video shows the alarming attack and how the victim fell down the moving stairs in front of another commuter who did nothing while falling.

“It was more than stairs. Escalators are sharp and moving. They are bigger and sharper, ”she said. “All over my body. I’m covered like I’m scratched by a tiger.

The assailant climbed the steps and left the station. The new mother refused medical attention at the scene, even though she knew she was injured, with a sprained left ankle, an injured right knee and open cuts.

“I just didn’t want to sit in an emergency room. I just wanted to come home with my 9 year old, my family, ”she said. “I’ve been limping for days.

As for the perpetrator, she said: “I have never seen him before and I hope he has never seen me before. And I hope to never see him again.

“I am glad my 9 year old son is not here,” she added.

“You could tell he was an aggressive and abusive person. He was pushing other people onto the escalator.

Police are asking anyone with information about the suspect to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

“It’s important that someone like him gets caught. He is dangerous. He did it in front of people in broad daylight, ”said the victim.

She said she learned two lessons from the attack – ones her family had already tried to teach her.

First, she said, she had music in her headphones. “Even though he said ‘excuse me,’ I didn’t hear him. I learned that we need to be more aware of the sounds and the people around us, ”she said.

And second, she said, “I have clearly learned from this not to let anyone get too close to me.”