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Woman shot to death after train doors closed between herself and tethered dog

A woman died in San Francisco after the doors of a train closed between her and her dog, to which she was attached by a hands-free leash, and she was pulled along the track.

The woman, who the San Francisco medical examiner’s office identified as Amy Adams, 41, got off the train at Powell Street station “at the very last second” on Monday afternoon, according to Bay Area Rapid Transit.

The train doors closed and her dog remained on board, transit officials said in a statement on Tuesday, adding that she “appeared to be waving to someone.”

“The train left with the dog inside the train and the woman was dragged and pulled onto the track,” transit officials said. The dog was not injured.

“There was no visual indication that the dog was a service animal, but it is under investigation,” the service added.

“It was quite traumatic,” witness Mike Sim told KGO-TV. “Everyone was in shock.

BART police and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the incident.

“This is a tragic loss of life, and we are following all safety protocols,” said BART spokesperson Alicia Trost.


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