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Woman says gun was fired at her in road rage incident in Mobile

MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – A woman in Mobile says a stranger pointed a gun at her after exchanging words at a red light.

This happened on Airport Blvd at Montlimar Drive, and the woman who spoke with WKRG News 5 says the exchange happened at the traffic light, but once she got into the parking lot of JoAnn’s Fabric , things got out of hand. Alicia Knox says she thought she was going to get shot.

Knox says she honked the woman’s horn for withdrawing in front of her, and the woman braked several times along the airport boulevard before arriving at the Montlimar Drive light, where Knox says she was able to. bypass but that she could see it lightly.

“I can see her laughing, screaming and there was an exchange in the light, and at one point it’s a long light, so I rolled up my window. Like, let’s get this over with, ”Knox said.

Knox said she thought that was it, but the woman wasn’t finished yet – the woman pulled into JoAnn’s Fabric parking lot behind her and waited for her to get out of her car when Knox said that she “loops and whips right in front of me and opens the door, and right away there’s the gun.” And she said, ‘Do it again, and see what happens.’ “

From there, Knox said she was frozen, trying to talk to the woman, fearing for her life and her 16-year-old daughter, who was in the car during the exchange. But once she saw the gun, she ran inside the store for help.

“It’s very difficult as a mom to be in this situation for me, but then having my daughter and I’m supposed to be the one protecting her. So when she got into the situation it put me in a whole new state of mind, ”Knox said.

The woman took off after a while, never firing. Police arrived and took a report from Knox, but they said there was little they could do. Knox, meanwhile, says she’s going to be more cautious about the rage-induced trade on the road. Knox says she won’t seek any harassment charges.