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Woman complains about being ‘Instagram famous’ amid plane outburst

An ‘Instagram famous’ woman, identified as influencer Morgan Osman, was filmed arguing with passengers on a plane as she removed her luggage from the overhead compartment.

It is currently unknown how this incident started, or why she was removing her luggage and verbally fighting with other passengers.

The footage was filmed on an American Airlines flight, according to the Daily Mail. In a 20-second video clip posted to X, the woman can be seen arguing with another person standing in the aisle.

“Call me ab**** again,” she says, while the passenger filming her laughs at the verbal escape taking place in front of a seated audience.

“Call me ab***** again, I didn’t do anything wrong!” the woman said as she grabbed her luggage.

Someone off-camera tells her to shut up, to which she responds, “No, shut up!” You shut up, and your bitch.

The woman then turns around to walk down the aisle towards the front of the plane and sees the passenger tailing her. “Film me,” she said to the passenger. “I’m famous on Instagram, you fucking asshole.”

After the video went viral on X, formerly known as Twitter, Morgan Osman identified herself as the passenger on the plane. The influencer, who has over 981,000 followers on Instagram, previously starred in the hit reality show, Bad Girls Clubs. In 2017, she also claimed that she had an affair with Sam Asghariwhile he was still married to now ex-wife Britney Spears.

On his Instagram story, Osman reposted posts about the plane incident. For example, when she re-shared a post from Hollywood Unlocked, she shed some light on what happened on the plane. “I was not kicked off (the plane),” she wrote. “I asked to leave instead of becoming violent. THANKS.”

She also poked fun at her celebrity status after the incident by sharing a photo of her and her ex, German fashion designer Philipp Plein.

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“Don’t act like you don’t know who I am,” she wrote. “From Bad Girls Club in the south of France with billboards all over Los Angeles. Come on then.”

Social media is comparing this incident to Tiffany Gomas’ collapse on an American Airlines flight in July.


As Osman identified herself as the viral passenger on the plane, people are also comparing her speech to another shouting match on a plane that took place in early July. On another American Airlines flight, a woman yelled at rows of passengers and claimed the person she was sitting next to was “not real.”

Tiffany Gomas, who demanded to get off the plane, later apologized for the crisis on her plane and her behavior which she described as her “worst moment”.

It’s unclear exactly when this argument took place, but the news comes after another incident on an American Airlines flight on September 2, where a teenage girl was surreptitiously filmed while using the plane’s bathroom by a male flight attendant. The attendant was removed by Massachusetts State Police after finding a phone attached to the toilet seat.

The independent has contacted American Airlines for comment.


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