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Woman arrested at Atlanta airport smuggling cocaine in shoes

“The shoes are made for walking, not for smuggling narcotics,” US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a press release.

The Georgian woman, who has not been named, was returning from Jamaica on Sunday when officers pulled her aside for further inspection, according to the press release. He does not say why it was reported.

After examining his bags, officers found a white powdery substance concealed in the bottom of seven pairs of shoes, the press release said. The substance has been field tested positive for cocaine, the statement said.

In images shared by CBP, the shoes, ranging from sneakers to sandals and even a pair of wedges, are laid out on a table after officers take them apart. In the sole of each shoe and inserted into the heel of the cleat, a packet of cocaine can be seen.

This is not the first time that smugglers have tried to hide drugs in the soles of their shoes. In December, CBP said a drug sniffer dog at the Yuma checkpoint sniffed more than a pound of fentanyl that had been taped into a man’s shoes in Arizona.

On a typical day, border officers seize more than 3,600 pounds of drugs, according to CBP.

“The smugglers go to great lengths to conceal drugs from our officers,” Paula Rivera, CBP port manager for the Atlanta regional port, said in the statement. “The ban on drugs remains a priority mission in the fight against fraud, a mission that we take very seriously.”

Authorities estimate that the three pounds of cocaine they found in the woman’s shoes have a market value of $ 40,000. The woman was turned over to the Clayton County Police Department for prosecution, according to CBP.

“The criminal charges are just allegations,” the statement read. “Defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court.”

CNN has contacted Clayton County Police for more information on the woman and the charges she faces.


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