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Wish on reunified Brittany: Greens and autonomists want more – Reunification of Brittany


With a new term of office, a new wish in favor of the attachment of the Loire Atlantique to Brittany. A real sea serpent in the peninsula. Meeting this Thursday and Friday in Rennes for a session, the regional advisers will thus be offered, once again, a text reaffirming the position of administrative Brittany on the question of reunification. A habit. “I know there is an expectation on this point. We are going to reiterate the desire to consult Loire Atlantique ”, indicates the president (PS) of the Regional Council Loïg Chesnais-Girard. While not hiding the purpose of this exercise, which is more symbolic than anything else: “Rediscover a Brittany with five departments. “

Still, the ecologists of EELV and the autonomists and federalists of Breizh a-gleiz, who form an alliance in the hemicycle, do not hide their desire to want to hear a little different music. If, on the merits, these staunch supporters of reunification are obviously in favor of the wish, they believe that it does not go far enough.

Referendum or consultation, but quickly

“We prefer the motion to the idea of ​​the wish,” explains the regional councilor – remember from Nantes – Aziliz Gouez. We have also prepared a motion that goes further. We ask that the State organize a decision-making referendum before 2024. And, if that was not possible before that date, that the Region organize a consultation in Brittany. »A way to put the debate on the table anyway and keep the fire going.

The two political groups now hope that, by Friday, the day of the vote on this wish, the executive around the President of the Region will take their wish into account. Because “we had proposed that this text be co-written”, recalls the ecologist Claire Desmares-Poirrier, regretting that a working group around this subject, which had however been announced, could not be met before the session.