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Wisconsin casino shooting: two people killed, one injured, police say

Police then shot and killed the gunman, who investigators said had a “personal relationship” with an employee of the Duck Creek restaurant inside the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center attached to the casino, Pawlak said.

The person the shooter was targeting was not at the casino at the time, so the shooter instead shot at the intended target’s “colleagues or friends”, Pawlak said.

Authorities said there was no longer a threat to the community.

Two witnesses described the scene as chaos, hearing gunshots and seeing people “running for their lives”.

“At first we didn’t really know what to expect. Then once we saw the cop running over there with an AR-15, we knew it was getting pretty serious,” Witness Dylan Luehring said of Mayville, Wisconsin, at CNN affiliate. WLUK. “Once we heard the shots we knew it wasn’t a joke anymore.”

“I’m pretty thankful that I was able to get out of there, and we’re all safe,” Luehring said.

Adam Olig, also from Mayville, told the station the scene was chaotic.

“I saw people a lot closer. There were people running around, running for their lives,” Olig said.

“It was chaos everywhere. People were scattering in all directions. It was just crazy. Just crazy,” Luehring added.

The casino tweeted urging people to avoid the area as the investigation continues.

The main casino and another facility are closed until further notice, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin said. Three additional casino locations were closed and will reopen Sunday morning.

CNN has contacted area firefighters, police, the sheriff’s office and nearby hospitals for more information.

CNN’s Jessica Flynn, Chris Boyette and Andy Rose contributed to this report.


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