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Wind of rebellion around the wind turbine project in Ouessant – Ile d’Ouessant

As in all the Ponant islands, the issue of energy transition is high in Ouessant (29). The island essentially depends on the power plant which swallows up no less than 6,000 liters of diesel per day! The switch to carbon-free energies comes up against the overprotection of the territory, when it is not the opposition of the inhabitants for some of the solutions put forward …

For more than a month, opponents of the wind turbine project in Ouessant have been making themselves heard. In question, the project HEADLIGHTS which provides for the installation of two tidal turbines, a site for photovoltaic panels and the construction of a wind turbine. A public inquiry was conducted during the month of April but without the wind turbine which escapes regulations because its mast is less than 50 meters. Even if its total height is estimated at 67 meters… It is precisely this wind turbine that is controversial on the island, because of its environmental and visual impact.

1,800 opponents, twice the population of the island

On April 22, a collective called “Vent de bout ‘” was formed to oppose the wind component of this PHARES project. In two weeks, this collective gathered 870 members and its petition collected more than 1,800 signatures, more than twice the number of year-round inhabitants in Ouessant. At the same time, several negative opinions were issued as part of the public inquiry. The Armorique Regional Natural Park is wondering about “the wind / tidal / photovoltaic solution, posed without critical discussion with regard to other solutions”. For France Nature Environnement, it is “a project of an energy specialist who comes to place tools from its industrial catalog on a territory on a site that is nevertheless protected”.

The wind turbine project worries a majority of islanders. On the municipality’s website, the mayor, Denis Palluel, acknowledges that he secretly hoped “that the development of tidal turbines would avoid having to launch a wind project”. According to the mayor of Ouessant, with regard to the tidal turbine which is slow to produce, “the problems are not linked to the machine itself, which has shown that it produces electricity”. In the meantime, the energy transition must begin.

Temporary utility?

“But why take the risk of pouring tens of cubic meters of concrete and disfiguring a site to build a wind turbine whose usefulness would be temporary? “Ask some residents.

Friday evening, while the city council was voting at 10:55 p.m., during the last item on the agenda, very favorably (12 votes for one vote against) for the tidal stream and the photovoltaic of the PHARES project, the Wind energy remained out of the discussions, since it was not included in the public inquiry conducted this spring.

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