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Wind farm in the bay of Saint-Brieuc: the drilling vessel causing pollution – Wind farm in the bay of Saint-Brieuc: years of tension

The pollution is significant since it extends over a length of 15 km and almost three kilometers in width. A specialized customs aircraft flew over the area on Monday to inform the state services at sea as well as the Brest prosecutor. The incident allegedly occurred early in the morning on Monday. It was the captain of the Aeolus, a 138 m long ship, who himself alerted the Cross Corsen.

The shipowner put in default

The state services were activated by the maritime prefect, in conjunction with the Brest prosecutor in charge of pollution at sea. The observations made, the means are being organized to prevent the water table from reaching the Breton coasts. The shipowner was ordered to put an end to the danger of pollution.

The Sapper, the ship chartered by the national navy in Brest, specializing in the treatment of pollution at sea, loaded equipment, this Monday evening, to set sail as quickly as possible during the night. He should arrive in the area this Tuesday.

What will be the impact of this pollution along the Brittany coast? We know the excessively dispersing power of this less viscous oil and probably less complicated to treat than heavy fuel oil from the usual pollution.

Drilling difficulties

But the proximity to the coast requires resources to be implemented quickly. The slick could just as well evaporate at sea. Whatever the case, this incident will complicate the task of an industrialist already confronted with drilling difficulties in the area, due to a strong tidal range, strong currents and a very compact soil made up of rocks “which are up to twenty times harder than the concrete under the Eiffel Tower”, Emmanuel Rollin, director of Ailes Marines, told us last week.

Like an additional pebble on the Ailes Marines site, in the bay of Saint-Brieuc, this pollution will not calm the debate. We remember the efforts of the Maritime Prefect of the Atlantic to reduce the pressure on the ground with fishermen who had surrounded the same Aeolus. This time, it is a question of treating this pollution as quickly as possible in full preparatory work for the installation of wind turbines at sea.

Our file on the wind farm in the bay of Saint-Brieuc

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