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Will vaccine passports become compulsory for major events?

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But first, a few anecdotes: “The Golden State” isn’t California’s only nickname. According to, it was first called “the State of El Dorado” (“el dorado” means “gold” in Spanish, which technically means they called it “The the Golden State “). It was also called” The Land of Milk and Honey “and” The Grape State “. In 1968, the nickname” The Golden State “became official.

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Will COVID vaccine passports become the latest trend in California?

As baseball fans head to San Francisco for the Giants’ opener on Friday, they will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test result from 72 hours (or less) to be admitted.

The Mercury News reports that public health officials in San Francisco are behind the warrant – which is the only one of its kind. Until now.

“I think it’s more punctual,” said Dr. Monica Gandhi, professor of medicine at UC San Francisco. “I think San Francisco is very careful right now, but the requirement will probably go away. Just hide and place people in small groups. The tests don’t add much to that. “

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