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will the cry of the heart of the administrative police officers be heard?  – RT in French

Jean Castex paid tribute to Stéphanie Monfeture during a ceremony where the Legion of Honor was awarded to her posthumously, but the question of the unequal treatment of administrative police officers has been stagnating for a long time.

After the attack claimed by Daesh in Magnanville in June 2016 in which a police officer and an administrative policewoman (Jessica Schneider) had been killed, the bloody attack on the Paris police headquarters in October 2019 in which several police officers including one administrative ( Brice Le Mescam) had been assassinated by one of theirs who had become radicalized, then finally the Islamist attack of Rambouillet in which the administrative policewoman Stéphanie Monfeture lost her life, the police station can no longer close their eyes: the Administrative, technical and scientific agents constitute by assimilation as many targets for terrorists as for other police officers.

And yet, these personnel do not benefit from the same advantages as their so-called “active” colleagues. They do not have a retirement bonus, they have the same status as a librarian for example and above all they do not receive a risk premium. They are not armed either (however, according to the first union in the sector, they do not ask for it) and do not benefit from any training in self-defense.

At most, scientific police officers are equipped with a bulletproof vest marked “police” when they intervene in the field. Even the police card is the subject of debate: granted, then withdrawn, before being returned to them in 2011 in a form different from that of their colleagues, without the police mention, but with a simple mention of the Ministry of Interior.

Chance of the calendar, the police mention should return soon on the map, but the national printing press would have fallen behind because of the Covid epidemic, entrusts a police source to RT France.

Little hands are fed up

This time, the cup is full for some of these agents and their representatives of the intermediary bodies who have decided to take their old demands higher … but will the media relay work?

Already on April 26, FranceInfo gave the floor to Georges Knecht, general secretary of Snipat, the union of these personnel, who declared: “Our fight has been the same for years: we are trying to shed light on the situation of these personnel. shadow, commonly referred to as support staff. Administrative, technical and scientific personnel are people who have no status, who often have no recognition, who are in the shadow of the police, but without them the police do not function. “

Jean Castex has in any case understood the operational stake for police missions and the statutory stake for these personnel, since he paid them a strong tribute during the ceremony in memory of Stéphanie Monfeture this April 30 in Rambouillet. .

Interviewed by telephone by RT France on April 26, Georges Knecht, from Snipat, underlined the inevitability of the attack for Stéphanie Monfeture and insisted on the fact that, according to him, nothing could have been avoided even if the administrative policewoman had carried a weapon or had been trained in self-defense.

I am particularly flabbergasted by the attitude of certain departments within the ministry who have done everything to ensure that our agents never obtain risk premiums.

We were still discussing the subject of security on April 14 with the HRD and I sent them for a walk because their proposals were not up to expectations.

The general secretary of Snipat was however bitter and angry: “This time, no one can look elsewhere, there is only an administrative person who was killed and no working colleague, like the other times. Frankly, I am disgusted that some unions are making their butter on this new business [depuis cet entretien, il nous a été indiqué par une autre source du syndicat qu’Alliance et Unsa-Police avaient été exemplaires avec le Snipat au cours de cette semaine d’hommages à Stéphanie Monfermé… contrairement à une troisième famille syndicale de premier plan]. But when I got the minister on the phone the day after the attack, I told him everything I had to say. ”

Above all, Georges Knecht deplores the lack of consideration for these essential sectors which he defends: “I am particularly amazed at the attitude of certain services within the ministry, in particular the general secretariat and the HRD, who have done everything to ensure that our agents never get risk premiums. We have been saying for years that we are exposed and they always answer “but no, but no” … We are not saying that we could have avoided anything, but the police could at least all be housed in the same brand, with equivalent risk premiums and the same status. The worst part is that we were still discussing these security subjects on April 14 with the human resources department and I sent them out for a walk because their proposals were not up to expectations. Above all, they didn’t want to give us anything more than what the prefectural counterparts got. ”

And to recall: “When we were received at the Elysee Palace in October [avec les autres syndicats de police], I had already said it to the president: it is the small hands, the administrative, technical and scientific personnel which allow results in the police force, they do everything! “

At the heart of the problem: the attachment of these staff to the human resources department of the Ministry of the Interior since 2011. This service primarily managed the staff assigned to the prefectures and not the police officers who work in the police stations, hence the change. card, in particular. Snipat is currently asking that these personnel be returned to the general directorate of the national police.

Angry officer writes to police spokesperson

And the Secretary General of Snipat is just the mouthpiece for many of his colleagues. In a very lively letter sent by an administrative police officer to the spokesperson for the national police after the attack on Rambouillet and to which RT France had access, one can read in particular: “Madam, in your capacity as spokesperson from the national police, you spoke on BFM concerning the atrocious death in service of an administrative official. I’m wondering if you didn’t live on another planet […] You said: administrative staff are distinguished from active staff, but they are an integral part of the national police. I would therefore like to know, under these conditions, why during 2011/2012, ALL the administrative personnel of the national police were the recipients of new orders modifying according to their corps the name of the national police by “the Interior and the Other- Sea” ? In addition, in the process, their professional cards with the POLICE logo and comprising a tricolor band were changed by a vulgar, extremely ugly piece of plasticized paper that did not mention any membership in this alleged great police family. “

And to deplore: “Once again, after this third assassination of an administrative staff assigned to a police service, the delinquents do not see the difference (unlike the administration) in the status of the civil servant they are going to attack or kill, police unions [d’active], great recovery professionals during the mourning period, will most certainly ask once again for a few small advantages or an improvement in social benefits for the working people, including those hidden in the offices which continue to receive a risk premium and a bonus of five years for unjustified retirement, unlike the sedentary staff that are the administrators. “

Exceeded testimonies abound

Contacted by telephone, the deputy zonal secretary of Snipat for the North and scientific police officer, Soazig Henrio explained to RT France why administrative, technical and scientific agents have the same problems as their colleagues: “I, for example, had to order my kids not to tell anyone mom worked at the police station except the teacher and real friends. They should only tell it to trusted people. At that point, there is a real problem. And the national police, it does not recognize the specificity and the dangerousness of our professions. We are already at three deaths in five years. I love my job, I’m not ashamed of it, but we have to think about the safety of our children and our own. ”

Another wrote in a message that we have heard: “When are we going to stop despising administrative staff and taking them for minions?” How many deaths will it take among the administrative staff for them to be respected in the police stations? A tricolor, perhaps a legion of honor on the coffin, a phony speech of compassion from a minister […] and we close the ban on oblivion, sickening! ”

Another regrets having to explain to a young guard who sorts the queues at the reception of a national police training center that she is indeed a police officer despite her different card, but in vain, the young police officer orderly dismisses him. And to add: “I have been working at the XXX police station for 10 years now, I can confirm that those in custody and those present at the reception do not make the difference between passive personnel (this is how I introduce myself) and an active staff. It is the same for the technical and scientific police officers who, in addition, move on the ground. “

Another administrative officer also laments after noting that her departmental management did not consider it necessary to register administrative, technical and scientific staff (PATS) as a priority to be vaccinated against the Covid … unlike their colleagues in ‘active: “It is well known that PATS cannot nab the Covid. Our hierarchy may have made medicine? I had to make a union intervention so that there could be a correction. It’s normal ? I do not think so.”

The administration adds: “For my part, I can look at myself in the mirror every day because I work about 10 hours a day without ever noting an hour. […] I am proud despite everything to belong to the national police. I will work every day with the same desire, the same diligence and with the desire to assume my role of supporting my active colleagues. ”

According to Georges Knecht, of Snipat, the outraged administrative, technical and scientific staff have not failed in recent days to express themselves to their reference unions. However, a police source informs us that the cases brought for years in this area could advance soon with the support of the senior hierarchy of the national police, in particular as regards the possibility for reception agents to obtain training. to self-defense and maybe the risk premium. The police card would already be in the pipes, but will the request to return the PATS to the general direction of the national police be heard?

It is to be hoped that the government will be able to take into account this general dissatisfaction in a sector which is not prohibited from the right to strike or to demonstrate, unlike “active” colleagues …

Antoine Boitel

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