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Will Didier Raoult leave France?  – RT in French

In a video posted on YouTube, the director of the IHU Méditerranée Infection denounced the “harassment” of which he had been the victim for two years, before mentioning an “anti-elitist crime” causing “the best of this country to go ”.

Will he leave France? In a video posted on YouTube on September 29, Professor Didier Raoult announced that he would reserve “a surprise for the month of November”, during a long statement denouncing the harassment of which he and his teams would be victims, as well as the treatment reserved “ to the best ”in France.

Mentioning in the introduction a “plot unearthed by France Evening“And the” completely mad hatred “that he observed, the director of the IHU Méditerranée Infection then speaks of” people who persecute [lui et ses équipes] putting horrors on [eux] and on the Institute on Wikipedia ”.

“This harassment on our research, this personal harassment, this harassment by institutions which has led to the fact that I must be the only doctor who in these conditions has not been extended in his duties at the CHU for years”, continues Didier Raoult. “It still leaves you dreaming,” he comments.

We must not allow anti-elitist delinquency to take hold

It is then that the microbiologist maintains a certain suspense about his future in these terms: “I have a surprise in store for you for the month of November”. “People wonder why […] the best of this country are leaving? It’s because you can’t treat people like that, ”he continues, before warning that we shouldn’t“ let anti-elitist delinquency take hold ”. “I have been a volunteer since I started doing the IHU, I have no private activity,” Didier Raoult added.

“We can at least be treated properly, in any case not harass us […] It is of course reminiscent of war with other means: informers, anonymous letters … It is manners that are disgusting ”, finally judged the professor.

As indicated by France Inter, the six founding members of the IHU Méditerranée Infection and its president announced on September 24 the launch of the recruitment of a successor to Didier Raoult, who will be appointed no later than June 30, 2022.

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