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Widow Selling Restaurant Gift Card So She Can Pay Her Bills Is A Big Surprise In Ohio

The Chowdown Cincinnati Facebook Group is all about great food and positivity.

“You are not allowed to post negative reviews,” Brandon Scott Perry told McClatchy News. “Travis Setter, who runs the group, says ‘there are a lot of places you can go to blow up a business and that’s not why.’ ‘

The group has nearly 19,000 members, many of whom turn to the group to share their favorite restaurants or ask for recommendations.

“Post pictures (do them well). Enjoy. Do not stress. Enjoy the food around you, ”the group told members. “Nothing negative. Never.”

The group of foodies gathered last week to bring a very special night on the town for two women whose lives have been touched by cancer.

On Thursday, member Hanna Elizabeth shared a post from another Facebook group on the Chowdown page.

Kathleen Lovett was trying to sell a $ 250 gift card to Jeff Ruby – a Cincinnati steakhouse – to help pay some bills.

Her husband recently died of cancer.

Kathleen Lovette put the gift card up for sale on a buy-sell-trade Facebook page before it was shared with the Chowdown Cincinnati group.

“It was meant for my husband and I to enjoy together, especially since he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but unfortunately he recently passed away before we could leave,” the post said. “I would love to see it go to someone to put it in a good time and since my income has recently plummeted I might be able to pay some bills.”

Perry, who lives in northern Kentucky, saw the post and knew he wanted to help.

He contacted Lovett with a proposal: he would buy the gift card for $ 300 on the condition that Lovett join him and his wife for dinner.

Lovett agreed.

Perry soon learned that a woman named Jen Wall commented on Kathleen’s post, explaining that she would buy the gift card if she could because she knows what Lovett is going through.

“If I had the money, I would buy it in the blink of an eye,” Wall wrote. “I am currently struggling with stage 4 cancer so I feel completely for this person. I’m so sorry she’s going through this.

Chad Ishmael, a friend of Perry’s since high school, made a suggestion: invite Wall. She agreed and the plan was drawn up.

On Saturday, Jeff Ruby sent his company driver and van to pick up Lovett and Wall with Ishmael, Perry and their two wives.

Widow Selling Restaurant Gift Card So She Can Pay Her Bills Is A Big Surprise In Ohio

Jeff Ruby sent the corporate van to pick up Lovette, Wall, and the rest of the group.

The party of six dined on steak and lobster and “enough sides to feed an army” before another surprise was revealed to Lovett and Wall.

Before dinner, Perry began collecting donations for Lovett and Wall through Venmo. The Chowdown group raised $ 1,000 in two days.

Lovett and Wall each received $ 500 after dinner to help them pay their medical bills and other expenses.

Perry called it “a very fulfilling night for all of us.”

“We are all in this game together,” he added. “It’s not always about winning, it’s often about helping other people win a game.”

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