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Why Tom Brady’s ‘soft’ Trump roast in Biden’s White House was actually ‘deeply vicious’

President Biden on Tuesday welcomed Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the White House, Biden and star quarterback Tom Brady “wearing sunglasses and smiles,” Annie Linskey writes at The Washington Post. “It was in many ways the most traditional of presidential rituals – the visit of a championship team to the White House, allowing sports stars and political leaders to bask each other in American glow” – and in this case be normal, traditional, even dull. “

At the same time, “it was a scene straight out of a Donald Trump nightmare, and quite possibly the worst day in Donald Trump’s life,” Jonathan Chait wrote to new York. “To understand why such a harmless scene would produce such a hurtful effect on a man who has endured such hardships as bankruptcy, the loss of a presidential election, two indictments and countless legal setbacks, one must understand his peculiar psychology Here, roughly the order, is Trump’s hierarchy of needs: 1. Being treated like a winner 2. Boyfriend with celebrities 3. Not making fun of him 4. Gaining specific approval by Tom Brady. “

In Trump’s mind, he and Brady are both “winners,” Chait explains. But now, after “avoiding Trump’s White House on a shaky pretext” after his 2017 Super Bowl victory, Brady “went to Biden” and “used his looks to make fun of the candidate he beat.” Brady made two jokes at Trump’s expense, one about Trump refusing to accept defeat and the second about being called “Sleepy Tom” after forgetting what it was during a game. .

While the ‘Sleepy Tom’ joke “sounds softer than the first joke, it’s actually much more deeply vicious,” Chait says. “In Trump’s mind, Biden is a pathetic loser, and he’s the winner. Like Tom Brady. Yet here is Brady, reversing the whole pecking order. Biden is the winner, like Brady, and the winners are now guys who are called asleep by the Losers for making a small mistake on the way to their triumph. “

Making fun of Tom Brady wasn’t the only reason Trump might have preferred to avoid the news on Tuesday. His longtime friend and advisor Thomas Barrack was arrested for allegedly being an unregistered foreign agent, and Jeff Bezos, the much richer foe he frequently attacked, flew into space and, stepping out of his rocket, said it was his “best day ever.” “

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