Why Punch, SZA’s Manager, Pulled Her MTV VMA Performance

SZA’s manager Terrence “Punch” Henderson revealed he pulled her MTV VMAs performance because they snubbed her for Entertainer of the Year nominations, but some fans are calling it “sabotage.” “.

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It’s been an epic year for the “Kill Bill” singer. In 2023, SZA dominated the success of her debut album CTRL with SOS Despite her record-breaking success and critically acclaimed success, the VMAs did not nominate SZA for Entertainer of the Year. Her manager says he refused to let her perform at the awards ceremony because the snub was “disrespectful.”

Clearly, she’s had one of, if not the best, years of any artist at this point. I don’t see why she wouldn’t be nominated for entertainer of the year. It really didn’t make any sense to me. It’s disrespectful,” he said. The Hollywood Reporter.

He thinks she deserves recognition among this year’s other nominees, Beyoncé, Shakira, Nicki Minaj, Karol G, Doja Cat and Taylor Swift. Even though Swifties probably still had their fan-voted awards in the bag, Punch demanded that they give her name some respect. And then he demanded answers.

Punch reached out to the network for answers, but “they couldn’t give a clear answer as to why she wasn’t (nominated).” It was just, “Well, she’s nominated for all these other (awards).”

“And they ended up saying, ‘OK, well, we could do another call’ because there were people on the call regarding the logistics of the show who had nothing to do with (the nominations). When we tried to set up the second call, they didn’t want to discuss Entertainer of the Year, which to me was really a slap in the face,” he continued.

The numbers don’t lie. After all, SOS spent 10 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. He broke the record for the longest time at the top of Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop albums this century. SZA’s triple-platinum album has its fifth top 10 hit with “Snooze” currently at No. 7 on the Hot 100.

“Why wouldn’t she be nominated for entertainer of the year?” Even among the other artists nominated for Entertainer of the Year, some of them were even out of cycle. They hadn’t released an album. I mean, don’t disrespect them or anyone else; everyone is great and all that, but still, you can’t discredit what SOS did it and is doing it now,” Punch explained.

Find out where SZA stands on her withdrawal from the MTV VMAs and fans’ reactions after the flip.

President Punch says he ‘influenced’ SZA’s withdrawal from VMAs, but she ‘might feel differently’

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Without MTV’s responses piling up as quickly as SZA’s plaques, the Top Dawg Entertainment co-president pulled out of the show. The singer also didn’t attend the show to accept her Best R&B award for “Shirt.”

“I said to myself: why go on stage and do that if she doesn’t want to be respected at the highest level? So it was my decision to withdraw from representation,” he continued.

Although the controversial call centers were about SZA, Punch says the singer wasn’t as attached to it. He’s willing to take the pressure because SZA is “a very gentle person, and she’s not into all the nonsense and the politics and the back-and-forth and all that.” So our feelings might be a little different.

” But finally. I thought it was disrespectful and I was very harsh about it and I influenced that. If there are problems or negative reactions and all that, I take it all. »

Some fans applauded this move to defend SZA’s supremacy. Meanwhile, others called it “another failure” in a long line of mismanagement. In 2020, they criticized Punch for delaying their music. The following year, SZA did the same when “Good Days” fell from the Hot 100 after 20 weeks. “I really hate my label. So much,” she wrote.

SZA described Punch as more than her manager, comparing him to her stage father. This would explain why he seems to fight for SZA as much as he would fight with SZA. While some fans feel like Punch burned bridges for their favorite with MTV, they clearly make magic together.

Check out some more fan reactions below.

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