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Why Princess Diaries’ Lilly makes Heather Matarazzo cringe

His cable show may have only reached 12 people, but The diary of a princess‘Lilly Moscovitz still has millions of fans who question her jealous attitude 20 years later.

In fact, even Heather matarazzo– who played Mia Thermopolis’ best friend – has some thoughts on her character’s treatment of the newly crowned Princess of Genoa.

“I know for myself that the opinions and feelings I had as a teenager are not the same feelings and opinions I have as an adult,” she explained in a recent TikTok. “And what I love about Lilly is that she was self-aware enough to recognize when she was wrong, which I can’t say for a lot of adults. She made it very clear that she was wrong. “she needed an attitude adjustment. And I think the truth is that she was afraid of losing her best friend. She was afraid that her new” status “would change her.”

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