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Why Penn Badgley is “the Perfect Actor to Play a Serial Killer”

Someone other than Penn badgley to play Joe Goldberg? YouI’m kidding.

Ahead of the You season three premiere, back on Netflix on Friday, October 15, the cast has been exclusively used for E! News on why Badgley is the perfect murderer next door – and we couldn’t agree more.

The Gossip Girl alum is an international celebrity thanks to his sinister on-screen character. As guest star of season three Shalita Grant gushes, “He’s a mega-star. My partner’s family even wants his autograph.”

According to Grant, it’s Badgley’s real personality that makes his You relatable and empathetic character … even when beating someone to death. It is this duality of charm, kindness and heart of Badgley IRL that, with a bloody touch, can shape Joe’s complex character. “He’s actually the perfect actor to play a serial killer because he’s the nicest guy, in all fairness,” Grant continued. “If he was a different guy I’m not sure the show would work.”