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President’s State of the Union address shows he’s a symptom of America’s problems, just like his predecessor

By Timur Fomenkopolitical analyst

Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union address on Tuesday evening.

A basic trait of Biden’s presidency is that he repeatedly claims he is making things better for ordinary Americans. In his own words, it creates jobs, lowers inflation and “delivery for families. He presents himself as an FDR-style titan who reinvigorates the United States after a troubled time and, in his words, makes it “more competitive” than ever.

In reality, his statements couldn’t be further from the truth. The United States is in chaos, and the Biden administration faces painfully low approval ratings, crippling levels of inflation, weak GDP in 2022, and a looming recession. Whatever Joe Biden’s expectations, he has proven to be the most dangerous and hawkish Democrat to lead the United States since Harry Truman. As America tears itself apart at home, it also tears itself abroad.

When Joe Biden took office, many people expected him to be different from Donald Trump. After four years of what the media described as chaos and internal turmoil in America, Biden was heralded as a breath of fresh air who would be normal, sane and moderate. What these arguments actively ignored was that Donald Trump was not the problem, but rather a symptom of broader American failure and decline. As the world has changed, including through the lingering impact of globalized neoliberal capitalism, digitalization, and shifting geopolitical power relations, the United States has struggled to assert a cohesive identity in a changing world. mutation that has produced deep divisions and large-scale changes. political conflict.

It’s the time of “post-truth», and suddenly, Joe Biden is in fact not better than Trump, he is infinitely worse. While Donald Trump was a populist figure who railed against the political establishment, Joe Biden is a longtime member of the political establishment. As such, he took advantage of his reign in office to reaffirm his influence and give him “Trumpian Characteristics ». It includes the same brand of conceited bragging, populism and political bickering at home, but with a foreign policy abroad that is dangerously more aggressive than anything Trump has ever devised. America’s increasingly dangerous involvement in the Ukraine conflict is a prime example.

The underlying factor here is the effort of the United States to forcibly resuscitate its unconditional hegemony over the rest of the world, having sensed that a political change had taken place. This change is reflected in the anger and resentment of blue-collar workers, white Americans and Trump’s main driver of the election. The product of the Trump and Biden administrations has been to project these changes into resentment in China, culminating in events like the recent “Chinese spy balloon » saga that have been hyper-dramatized. China has become the designated enemy, and there seems to be a political consensus in the United States around this, whatever the consequences.

There are critical differences between the two administrations in how this is pursued. As Trump directed American foreign policy on “misunderstanding” terms, emphasizing theAmerica First” philosophy, the Biden administration sees opportunity not through trade wars or negotiations, but through escalating geopolitical conflict. Biden’s team is sacrificing stability on all fronts in the name of power. As such, the Biden White House, while flattering American jobs and prosperity, has not thought about tearing up global supply chains, driving up prices, accelerating geopolitical bloc confrontation, to pursue large-scale sanctions and stoke global uncertainty for hegemonic gain.

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While Trump was hyper dramatic, he cared about markets and growth, and he also knew when to compromise. Surrounded by neoconservatives like Mike Pompeo on China policy, he was more interested in making deals with Beijing in the American interest and could restrict them if he wished. Biden, on the other hand, doesn’t care and has no guardrails. Sure, he might sport a smile, he might not call people bad names on Twitter, but it’s that facade that hides the White House’s dangerous policy that has actually left Americans worse off than Trump. never succeeded in doing so. It seems unlikely, given the circumstances, that Trump would have allowed the Russian-Ukrainian war to happen, and he has repeatedly made it clear that if he had been president it would not have happened.

In some ways, the opposition’s sheer incompetence has, despite dire circumstances, allowed Biden to be incredibly lucky as well. For a president who has low approval ratings, overseeing a dire economic situation, he landed on his feet in November’s midterm elections, with his party even taking control of the Senate.

The fact that he continues to proclaim victories where there are none is only an indication of how the United States suffers from a leadership deficit. In that sense, Biden’s and Trump’s methodologies may differ, but they are both products of the same flawed system that rewards lying and ultimately focuses on scoring national political points as opposed to actual results. If things have changed at all in America during Biden’s two years in office, they have ultimately changed for the worse and pose a threat to the world as a whole. Yet you would never believe him if you sat and watched his State of the Union address.

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