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Why Joe Alwyn was the right guy for Taylor Swift’s love story

Of course, like most things in Swift’s life, this required careful and deliberate planning.

In the early months of their romance, nearly five years ago, Swift and the London-based actor went into “lockdown” mode, a source told E! News, an approach that involved a series of private jets, British customs officials ready to check his passports on the tarmac, blacked-out sedans and dates spent in private places where, the source says, “they could really get to know each other without the pressure to be in a public relationship and people making judgments. “

Even after The sun revealed “Taylor’s Secret Brit Love,” four years ago, on May 16, 2017, the couple maintained their cape and dagger routine, rarely dating in public and certainly never showing their faces.

Swift had other strategies ready for when Alwyn crashed into her penthouses in Nashville and New York. The two of them often skipped what would certainly be highly photographed dinners in favor of cooking themselves or ordering in delivery, as they did for a meeting she hosted in Nashville. Should they ever need to venture out, the crafty pair would rely on a solid trio of sturdy bodyguards, sleek sedans, and bulky clothing to help them slip away unnoticed.

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