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Why is Offset changing its mind about giving Cardi B a push gift?

Gap has something to do before his pregnant wife Cardi B welcomes their second child.

The 29-year-old Migos the rapper has been there Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday July 20, where the guest host Anthony anderson pointed out that Offset and the 28-year-old “WAP” performer are known to buy extravagant gifts for each other.

“Your wife seems like the kind of woman who would expect to receive a gift after pushing these babies out,” he added. Blackish shared star. “Do you have a push gift in mind? “

To that, Offset replied “No”, which made the crowd laugh. Fortunately, he had a very sweet response ready to go.

“I feel like the gift is already the lovely child,” Offset said. However, he then made it clear that he should change his tone by adding, “I’m going to get him a gift, though. I have to.”

This led the host to joke, “I understand that. I also like to fight for men to receive push gifts.” Hearing this, Offset reached out to Anthony, giving off the feeling of a soul mate.

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