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Why is Mac Jones called McCorkle?  Explain the origins of Alabama QB’s unique middle name

Mac Jones is one of the most talked about prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft, and will continue to do well in his rookie season with whatever team decides to draft him.

The Alabama quarterback has remained an almost constant presence at the top of mock drafts and trending topics, not only for the usual NFL Draft fare we see this time around every year, but also for his character. unique off the field. That’s why you’ve probably heard of his nickname “Joker”, his freshman DUI, tennis lessons and Mandarin dabbling as much as his athleticism, arm strength, precision. and his playing intelligence before the draft.

Among the most asked questions about Jones in this project: Is his middle name really “McCorkle”?

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The short answer: yes. His full legal name is “Michael McCorkle Jones”. Although his Alabama biography does not include his full name, the biography page of Jones’ personal website has confirmed his curious nickname. His full name was also mentioned in a November 2017 arrest report after being charged with a DUI as a rookie (per The Tuscaloosa News).

Here’s everything you need to know about Jones’ colorful nickname and where it came from:

Is Mac Jones middle name McCorkle?

According to an article published in December 2020 by, Jones’ parents, Holly and Gordon, have always intended to name their son “Michael McCorkle Jones” and shorten his middle name to a more conversational “Mac”.

So that explains how you get Mac from Michael. But what about his middle name?

“I’ve always hated that name because it was so long,” Holly Jones told “But then we decided, well, my family didn’t have a boy on their side to go on (the name McCorkle), so that would be the only McCorkle to go through.”

Jones in the same article described his first year arrest in 2019 as “a really tough part of my life” but necessary for it to mature. Which would explain why he never got into trouble again for the rest of his time in Tuscaloosa. It wasn’t until he started to soar the scoreboards that his name began to resurface in college football and NFL circles. And with good reason.

The Jacksonville, Fla. Native took over as a full-time starter for Alabama in 2020, passing for 4,500 yards and 41 touchdowns on four interceptions while leading the Crimson Tide to an unbeaten national championship season. He also set NCAA one-season records in completion percentage (77.4) and quarterback ratings (203.1). For his troubles, Jones was a consensual All-America selection, winner of the Davey O’Brien and Johnny Unitas Golden Arm awards and third in the Heisman Trophy standings.

Whether Jones can achieve a similar level of success in the NFL remains to be seen. But as long as it has its unique name, it will always be a topic of discussion.

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