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Why does Aaron Rodgers want out?  Packers’ Jordan Love deadlocked behind 49ers rumors

The Packers keep saying Aaron Rodgers is in their long-term quarterback plans following his third season as an NFL MVP. But what they do and what everyone hears from Green Bay doesn’t feel it.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter detailed in a new report Thursday afternoon ahead of the first round of the 2021 Draft that Rodgers’ growing desire to part ways with the Packers stems from a standoff over a contract extension, but goes deeper than that .

Rodgers would still be upset that the team would use a first-round pick on QB Jordan Love in 2020. Schefter also notes that Rodgers has a different perspective on his personal happiness, finding joy off the field in his engagement with the actress Shailene Woodley and her recent guest host stay on “Jeopardy!”.

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Rodgers made it work after the selection of Love, responding arguably with the best season of his career, fueled by the same chip on his shoulder established by his first-round slip in 2005. Rodgers made the most of the offensive-minded coach Matt LaFleur. system and has adapted well to it for over two years. But despite the necessary divorce from former coach Mike McCarthy, Rodgers has also not been thrilled with the constant verbal engagement from GM Brian Gutekunst and President Mark Murphy who lacks support.

Green Bay drafted Love instead of giving Rodgers an offensive assist in 2020. He earns an average of $ 33.5 million in annual salary and is signed until 2023. The Packers can, however, get out of his contract before 2022 by eating $ 17.2 million in dead money and saving $ 22.6 million for the salary cap with a trade in the next season.

According to multiple reports, the 49ers, who did not take Rodgers No. 1 overall in 05 but hold the No. 3 overall pick in 21, have explored whether the Packers would trade him in this year for a big choice package. and veteran players. The Packers may have had an emphatic ‘no’ at first, but they’re not financially incapable of doing it, as they can save $ 22.8 million in cap space by designating a Rodgers deal for the 1st. June.

The Packers had to hope that other rumors about a Rodgers breakup did not leak. But according to Schefter, the team have done their best to appease him this offseason with visits from LaFleur and other officials.

Rodgers saw his contract increase when needed to match the top-paid new players in the job. After the choice of Love, it would have been an immediate and important gesture of good faith. After having had his big season, the feeling of being underestimated only grows.

Given the direction of his life, Rodgers is no longer defined by his stellar game for the Packers, but much more. At 37 and at the top of his game trying to find that elusive Super Bowl second ring, the Packers need to keep putting more effort into rewarding Rodgers with support, instead of relying more on him and him. make him look over his shoulder. .

There’s no easy fix here to saving the relationship, unless the Packers make an effort to move Love, lock Rodgers up longer as he wants, and devote more direct resources to expanding the championship window with him. . Now is the right time for the perceived ultimatum, reminding Green Bay they are under pressure to issue major fines in the draft led by tts Love last year.

The Packers have to prove to Rodgers that they’re the best team for him again, soon. Or they can no longer pass up the best return offer for its services.

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