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Why did Hamas attack Israel? Joe Biden’s theory ‘can’t prove’ Saudi Arabia | World News

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US President Joe Biden said Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 in part because of a possible normalization deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Israel-Hamas war: US President Joe Biden responds to a reporter as he leaves after a speech in Nantucket. (AP)

“I can’t prove what I’m about to say. “But I believe one of the reasons Hamas struck when it did was because they knew I was working closely with the Saudis and others in the region to bring peace to the region by recognizing Israel and its right to exist,” said Joe Biden. said.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed optimism about relations with Saudi Arabia. “I think we are getting closer every day to peace,” he said in September, adding: “The reason we have not had new peace treaties for a quarter of a century after we concluded the peace with Egypt and Jordan, is that we There has not been a single new peace treaty for 25 years because everyone said that we must first satisfy whatever the demands of the Palestinians. You must conclude a peace treaty with the Palestinians. Well, there was only one problem with that. The Palestinians do not want peace with Israel. »

Earlier, regarding the release of a first group of hostages taken by Hamas, Joe Biden declared that it was only a “beginning” and that there were “real” chances of prolonging a temporary truce in Gaza. Joe Biden also said it was time to “renew” work to create a two-state solution.

“This morning I worked with my team as we began the first days of implementing this agreement. It’s just the beginning, but so far everything has gone well,” he said. he declared. Asked about American women and children hostages who could be released as part of the deal, Joe Biden said he did not know when they would be released but “we expect that to happen.”

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