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Why Chelsea players hugged and celebrated in Thomas Tuchel’s shoes after Champions League win over Manchester City

Eagle-eyed Chelsea fans will have spotted something slightly unusual during their Champions League celebrations on Saturday night.

The Blues conquered Manchester City, beating them 1-0 in Porto thanks to a decisive strike from Kai Havertz in the first half.

At the full-time whistle, the party began for the Chelsea players.

Some – like Edouard Mendy, Olivier Giroud, Kurt Zouma and Antonio Rudiger – have strangely started kissing the shoes of manager Thomas Tuchel.

In the locker room, we saw the boss take off his shoes and lift them like the trophy.

All the players around him joined in this strange ritual, and the reason behind it has now been explained.

Tuchel revealed in one of his post-match interviews that the shoes were actually a gift given to him last year by the PSG president.

He said he promised those at PSG he would wear them in their Champions League final against Bayern Munich.

However, he forgot and they lost the game 1-0.

This time around he kept the shoes on and made sure to wear them for the Chelsea final due to superstition.

“I had these shoes in Paris and I promised that we will wear these shoes when we reach the Champions League final,” Tuchel said.

“It was a gift from the president of PSG and I promised my staff that I would wear them in the final.

“I didn’t wear them, so we lost. I wore them today and they worked.



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