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who voted for, who voted against?  – RT in French

The bill relating to the management of the end of the crisis, including in particular the controversial health pass, was finally validated by the deputies of the National Assembly after a second vote. Who voted for, and who voted against?

With 208 votes for and 85 against, the bill relating to the management of the exit from the health crisis, article 1 of which includes the controversial use of a “health pass” conditioning the access of the population “to certain places, establishments or events involving large gatherings ”was validated by the National Assembly on May 12.

After a first vote, during which this article 1 was rejected by a majority of deputies (108 votes against 103, for a total of 577 deputies), the government asked for a second deliberation, which ended in the night with 205 votes for and 85 against. While the adopted article has been amended, the provisions on the health pass have not been changed.

The opposition has voiced its disagreement with the voting process, citing for some a “nocturnal masquerade”, a “grub”, or even “small arrangements between friends of the majority”.

Be that as it may, this bill which will govern the lives of citizens in the times to come was validated as a whole by 208 deputies against 85. Beyond the rate of participation in the vote (barely more than one deputy out of two), RT France takes stock: who voted for, and who voted against?

Who voted what?

In the ranks of the majority, the bill was unanimously validated by the 148 voters of the group La République en Marche (out of 269 members). Among their Modem allies (58 members), 49 took part in the vote. 44 voted for and 5 abstained. The 16 voting deputies of the Agir Ensemble group (out of 21) all voted in favor.

The deputies of the UDI and Independents group (12 out of 18) voted against the text.

At Les Républicains, 38 deputies participated (out of 104). 36 voted against, the only one to abstain being Guillaume Larrivé (Yonne). The deputies Eric Ciotti (Alpes-Maritimes) or the president of the Christian Jacob party (Seine-et-Marne) did not take part in the vote.

Among the 29 members of the Socialists and Allies group, the ten voters all voted against, like Boris Vallaud (Landes).

In the group La France insoumise, the eight deputies who took part (out of 17) also unanimously rejected the text like Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Bouches-du-Rhône), Ugo Bernalicis (North) or Adrien Quatennens (North).

Same observation within the Democratic and Republican Left group with eight voting deputies (out of 16) who all voted against, like Marie-George Buffet (Seine-Saint-Denis) or the president of the group André Chassaigne (Puy-de -Dome).

Of the 18 members of the Libertés et Territoires group, four voted. Three voted against and Jean Lassalle (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) abstained. The latter had voted for, during the second deliberation around article 1 of the text.

Finally, all the non-registrants present voted against, like Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Essonne) or Joachim Son-Forget (French people living outside France). Marine Le Pen did not participate in the vote.

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