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Who is Sarah Conan, the new Miss Brittany?  – Paimpol


But by the way, how do you become a candidate for a Miss election? For Sarah Conan, 22, it’s above all a story of girlfriends, in her case, those of Paimpol handball club.

“We made predictions and bets at each Miss France election; and girls would often tell me to introduce myself, like you’re cute, do it! But I had my studies (Editor’s note: after an AES degree in economic and social administration, she went to business school in Rennes, worked for marketing at SNCF before joining a start-up in Paris). And between hand, paddleboarding and surfing, my three passions, I’m more of the sneaker jeans type with disheveled hair! “

His mother Pascale, former Miss Lézardrieux

But Sarah, whose mother Pascale was Miss Lézardrieux in her time, launches out anyway, “for a laugh! “. “I’m 22 and I can only be a candidate until 24, so it was now or never; and I must say that since I am in the running, I pay a little more attention to myself, even if I did not believe it when I was contacted because I had applied for five months and kinda forgot all about it when I got a phone call telling me that three days later, I had to be at the casting, with a dress, heels and a swimsuit. As I have business with my mother in Paimpol, with my brother in Paris and with me in Rennes, I was taken aback and I had to go and buy everything quickly! Very good in her skin, the young woman does not hesitate to praise her taste for pasta with truffles, burgers and brioches with spread!

Sarah Conan is in the race for the election of Miss Brittany. Le Télégramme offers to support your favorite candidate. The score displayed corresponds to the number of votes already received. For now, Sarah is 2nd in this ranking. (Source Sarah Conan)

“Go as I am, telling the girls to stay what they are!” “

For a bit, you would think she was round with her waist size 38 and 1.74 m! “You really have to tell the girls that you shouldn’t force yourself to do 34. This year, the candidates are very thin. I participate with this idea of ​​breaking the codes; if I know how to take care of myself and put on makeup, I also sometimes jog and have blisters on my feet when I walk with heels! “.

Sarah is very supported locally by her friends from the hand and by the bar-tobacco of Lézardrieux which swears by her and advertises her. At the same time, she evokes her family with whom she has close ties. “Since I lost my father, with my mother and my siblings, we call each other every day; they are completely behind me and I know that my candidacy makes them proud, it carries me ”.