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Who is Quinn Ewers?  Five Star QB Could Change NIL, Ohio State & More With Decision

Would a quarterback worth a million dollars in sponsorship deals be willing to skip his senior season to sit on the bench?

We’re talking college football, of course.

Yahoo Sports’ Pete Thamel reported Wednesday that five-star quarterback Quinn Ewers, who signed up for Ohio state, is considering the move within the next week. Yahoo reports that Ewers “has the potential to make nearly a million dollars next year by taking advantage of his name image and likeness.”

Ewers ‘decision could have a huge impact on the Buckeyes’ image and likeness of name, recruiting and potentially the quarterback room in 2021.

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Who is Aiguières? Sporting News takes a closer look:

Who is Quinn Ewers?

Ewers, 18, is a senior at Southlake Carroll, a high school powerhouse in Texas. The 6-3, 202-pound quarterback is a five-star quarterback with a 0.9999 rating on He is the best recruit of the 2022 class.

Of’s 16 five-star quarterbacks since 2018, Ewers is tied with former Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence for the highest ranking.

Five-star QB since 2018


Trevor Laurent 2018 Clemson 0.9999

Quinn Ewers 2022 Ohio state 0.9999
3 Justin Champs 2018 Georgia 0.9998
4 Bryce Young 2020 Alabama 0.9994
5 Caleb williams 2021 Oklahoma 0.9970
6 DJ Uiagalelei 2020 Clemson 0.9949
7 Spencer rattler 2019 Oklahoma 0.9942
8 Sam Huard 2021 Washington 0.9936
9 JT Daniels 2018 USC 0.9919
ten Brock Vandagrif 2021 Georgia 0.9909
11 Walker howard 2022 LSU 0.9875
12 Connor weigman 2022 Texas A&M 0.9869
13 JJ McCarthy 2021 Michigan 0.9868
14 Kyle mccord 2021 Ohio state 0.9860
15 Bo Nix 2019 Auburn 0.9857
16 Ty simpson 2022 Alabama 0.9850

The highlight coil is also impressive, as you would expect. Here are some of the Elite 11 Dallas Regional Ewers’ throws in 2021:

Why is Ewers receiving NIL offers?

You saw the hair, right? Ewers has a long blond mullet and his football-crazy Texas stardom has taken off. Ewers has 83,000 Instagram followers despite only 19 posts.

Texas high school rules prohibit student-athletes from enjoying the name, image, and likeness. Thamel reports that Holy Kombucha, a local company that sells several variations of organic tea, is among those offering Ewers sponsorship deals.

Ewers is going to get the opportunities Lawrence would have had in college and has the potential to be NIL’s first true superstar. Maybe he can get a head start by skipping his senior season.

After all, Arch Manning, the best quarterback in the class of 2023, is coming soon.

Why is Ewers licensed to play at Ohio State?

Yahoo Sports reports that Ewers is able to take a basic English course and graduate from high school early, which would allow him to be eligible to play at Ohio State for the 2021 season.

The Buckeyes’ report will drop camp on August 3.

The practice is more common in basketball, but five-star North Carolina cornerback Tony Grimes moved up last season to get a head start with the Tar Heels.

JT Daniels was the # 1 rookie in the 2019 Recruiting Class quarterback. He graduated in 2018 and started as a freshman at USC. He went 5-6 as a starter and threw 14 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Daniels tore his ACL in sophomore and was transferred to Georgia. He is counted on to lead the Bulldogs to an SEC Championship in 2021.

Jake Bentley is another example. Bentley skipped his final high school season for a bang to start in South Carolina in 2016. Bentley went 4-3 in seven starts with 9 TD and 6 INT in what would have been his final year of high school. He played four seasons in South Carolina before being transferred to Utah. He is now a Super Senior quarterback in South Alabama.

What’s the Ohio State’s QB situation?

Ohio State has a three-way quarterback run. CJ Stroud, a freshman in a red shirt who supported Justin Fields last season, is the only one with any playing experience. Redshirt rookie Jack Miller and five-star rookie Kyle McCord are also in the game.

Ohio State coach Ryan Day said the three-way race is open ahead of fall camp.

“It’s even for me,” Day said at Big Ten Media Days on July 23. “We’ll see how these guys have changed over the last few months. I think they’ve all done a really good job. Their bodies look like they’ve changed, they’ve gotten stronger, they’ve gotten faster. better idea once we’re on the pitch and start practicing.

Day mentioned evaluating shifts based on the 15 practices for the spring and upcoming fall camp.

Could Ewers start at Ohio State this year?

It’s a worthwhile decision that will have ramifications at the high school and college levels.

“I’m leaning into going and going to Ohio, just so I don’t have to deal with UIL stuff and be able to familiarize myself with Ohio and Columbus and start learning,” Ewers told Yahoo Sports.

Ewers would have a lot of catching up to do, but Ohio State just signed five-star defensive end JT Tuimoloau this summer. He could also have an impact this season.

If Ewers chooses the NIL mentions in his final season in high school, then that could set a trend for future five-star rookies. Like we said, Manning will be arriving soon too.

As for Ohio State, would a seven-figure quarterback really be the third stringer? Some NFL quarterbacks wouldn’t sit on the bench for that much money.

This is something to keep in mind as Ewers makes his decision. If Ewers shows up at fall camp, it stands to reason that he could at least compete for the starting position.

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