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Who is Damien T. the author of the slap in the face to Emmanuel Macron?  – RT in French

The man who slapped President Emmanuel Macron on June 8 in the Drôme is a fan of medieval history who follows the royalist movement on social networks and an activist convicted of incitement to hatred.

Who is the 28-year-old individual who slapped the President of the Republic on June 8 in Tain-L’Hermitage (Drôme)? According to information from corroborating sources, Damien T. lives in Saint-Vallier north of Valence.

He is passionate about medieval history and follows royalist currents on social networks. Before his act, the man shouted “Montjoie Saint-Denis, down with macronie!”, Montjoie Saint-Denis being a reference to knights in the Middle Ages.

On YouTube, Damien T. subscribes to several channels of controversial personalities such as Henry de Lesquen, sentenced in 2018 for incitement to hatred and contestation of crimes against humanity, or royalists like that of the Cercle Richelieu.

His Facebook page indicates that he “likes” that of the Action française Lyon group, among others from the same movements. Action Française is a movement of monarchist and nationalist inspiration.

In Saint-Vallier, he founded two associations there in the historical European martial arts – a practice of combat “fallen into oblivion” which counts 1,500 practitioners in France – and board games with figurines.

There he meets his friend Arthur C., 28, arrested by his side after filming the attack on the head of state.

Met by AFP on the evening of June 8 in Saint-Vallier, Loïc Dauriac, 36, is a friend of the two men – the second is his daughter’s godfather. He was also with them before the passage of Emmanuel Macron – the three were filmed by a team of the show Daily.

Left before the slap, he says he was “enormously” surprised by Damien T.’s gesture: “He’s not someone violent.”

Asked about the online dating of Damien T., Loïc Dauriac replies that he is “not surprised” because his friend “is curious by nature”. But “he doesn’t have those ideas.” “He is against the royalists. For him, they have stupid ideas, ”he says. Why, therefore, have they uttered their war cry, “Montjoie Saint-Denis”, attacking the president? For Loïc Dauriac, this should not be seen as a royalist reference but rather an allusion to the film Visitors : as a good “medievalist”, he could just as well have launched a line of the television series Kaamelott.

A man who felt “a big pissed off”?

According to him, Damien T. lives on small temporary assignments after having begun, without completing them, embalming studies. Its two associations aim to keep the town and its history alive, “quite rich with Diane de Poitiers” (who was Countess of Saint-Vallier), and “to defend the beautiful image of France”.

And to try to explain the gesture of the day by resentment against a speech by Emmanuel Macron, in 2017, on the diversity of French culture; by the difficulties “to make ends meet”; by the “big fed up” in front of a president “who does not listen to us”. According to France Télévisions, Damien T. and Arthur C. would have also participated in demonstrations of yellow vests.

“These people, it’s been years since they voted,” continues Loïc Dauriac about the accused.

According to other relatives met by AFP and France Televisions, the two men in police custody are not politically engaged.

According to the public prosecutor Alex Perrin, Damien T. would have said he was in police custody close to “the movement of yellow vests” and sharing “traditional political convictions of the right or ultra-right” without being “of any party or militancy expressed “, he affirmed having” acted instinctively and “without thinking” to express his dissatisfaction “.

A search took place at his home on the evening of June 9, with the seizure of a personal computer. “Many role-playing books, battle simulations, works on the Middle Ages and even a Soviet flag have been found. Reproductive weapons were also discovered ”, specifies The Parisian. The alleged perpetrator will be brought on June 10 for an immediate appearance.

According to article 222-13 of the Penal Code, he risks up to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.

Arrested with him, his comrade “Arthur C. will be issued a summons to court for the end of the second half of 2022 to respond to offenses related to illegally held weapons” found at his home, said the public prosecutor Alex Perrin.

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