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white march in tribute to Aymane, murdered by gunshot (IMAGES) – RT in French

In Bondy, thousands of people took part in a white march in memory of Aymane, a 15-year-old boy who was shot dead. Two brothers were indicted and imprisoned.

An imposing procession marched in Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis) to pay a final tribute to Aymane, 15, whose assassination last week caused a stir in a France marked successively by several bloody news items. The images filmed by the RT France reporter on the spot testify to the extent of the tribute.

The march began around 4 p.m. in front of the Nelson Mandela space where Aymane had taken refuge before being shot by a bullet fired through a slit in the letterbox by a gunman posted in the street.

Wearing his tricolor scarf, the mayor Les Républicains de la ville, Stephen Hervé, paid tribute to this talented young boxer, who “had just been selected for the French championship”.

“I say it again today loud and clear, Aymane was not known to the police, he had other ambitions,” he said to applause before paying tribute to his relatives.

Aymane was killed in front of her father on February 26 after having an altercation outside the Nelson Mandela center with two brothers. Aged 27 and 17, the two alleged culprits from the neighborhood, who acted with their faces uncovered, were indicted and imprisoned. “A dispute opposed the victim and his attackers for nearly a year without the origin being, for the time being, known,” the prosecution said on February 27 in a statement, refusing on March 1 to any other comment.

Aymane’s body was transported on February 28 to Algeria for burial.

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