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White Claw Cocktails: The Best Drinks To Make With Hard Seltzer

Whether you’re for White Claw (in which case you’re probably young enough to use the word “stan”) or a little ashamed to have a case of it hidden in your garage, there’s a good possibility hard seltzer will do. its way into your summer drink.

Of course, you can just open a can and drink it, but you can also elevate it to something you really like to drink. The spiked seltzer had a big year in 2019 (there was actually a shortage of white claws that year), but you might be a little bored now. If so, it’s probably time you started making White Claw cocktails. (Or Bud Light Seltzer cocktails, Seltzer High Noon cocktails or whatever brand you choose.)

You can easily freestyle your own hard seltzer cocktail – mix it with juice, add it to an Aperol spritz, put it in a wine spritzer, or replace the tonic in your gin and tonic. As Bustle specifically pointed out, “there are no laws when you drink Claws”.

But if you’re the type of person who needs more specific advice, we’ve rounded up seven hard seltzer cocktails from popular food bloggers who have perfected their recipes.


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