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Whimsical peel and stick wallpapers to brighten up your home

Wallpaper has long had a reputation for looking picky or old-fashioned. But in recent years, this design element has come back into fashion.

Spending so much time at home during the pandemic has given many people a new appreciation for interiors and decor. And many of us continue to think about how we feel about our spaces, as remote working and the hybrid office lifestyle remains a way of life.

So why not inject some fun and color into these spaces in the form of wallpaper? Whether it’s an accent wall or an entire room, the options are endless, especially in the flexible era of peel and stick products. This type of wallpaper can usually be installed without professional help and removed without damaging painted walls, making it perfect for apartment dwellers, DIY junkies, and people who just want to save time or money. money.

Below, we’ve rounded up 27 fun, whimsical, and removable wallpapers to help you brighten up your home and home workspaces.

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