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Where Can Fully Immunized Americans Travel?  Here are some options

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Americans are among the most vaccinated populations in the world, but not all borders are open yet.

That could improve as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden are expected to announce on Thursday that they will work to open up travel between the US and the UK.

Leaders are setting up a new task force that will come up with recommendations to lift current Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Officials say the United States has already set up an expert group to work with Britain and another group to do the same with the European Union.

Travel warnings are currently in effect across much of Europe, where smaller percentages of populations are fully vaccinated against Covid.

A formal agreement reached between EU ambassadors on Wednesday will allow fully vaccinated Americans to enter for the next peak tourist season.

Prior to that, the US State Department advises Americans not to travel overseas. Proof of a negative Covid test is required for travelers returning home to the United States.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also has its own list of countries with corresponding risks of Covid.

Consider these tips if you are traveling to any of the countries below, all of which are currently open to fully vaccinated travelers from the United States:


Arrivals with a negative Covid test within 96 hours of departure, and proof of definitive vaccination within two weeks, are currently welcome in Belize.

The Central American country asks tourists to stay in a “tourist safety corridor”, although tourists can travel freely.

To note: There is a curfew, and the US State Department advisory calls on travelers to “exercise extra caution” (level 2). The CDC ranks Belize as “moderate” for Covid. Find more information from the Belize Tourism Board.

British Virgin Islands

Visitors can roam the archipelago after an initial four-day quarantine, awaiting the results of a Covid test taken on their arrival.

To enter, an entrance fee and an application form are required, in addition to proof of vaccination within two weeks and a negative Covid test within five days of travel.

To note: A number of ferries do not operate between the islands. Find out more information from the BVI government.

In addition, the CDC classifies the islands as being at “low” risk of Covid. The US State Department asks travelers to “reconsider their trip” (level 3).


Ahead of easing restrictions in the EU, the Mediterranean country is asking for proof of a negative Covid test within 72 hours of arrival.

Travelers can also take a test upon arrival and self-quarantine until a result is found. And for all arrivals in Croatia, proof of full vaccination within two weeks – and accommodation paid in full in advance, is also required.

To note: The country is classified as “very high” for Covid by the CDC, and is among the EU countries with “do not travel” advisories from the US State Department (level 4). Check with the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb.


Another EU country is currently open to fully vaccinated travelers from the United States, who are able to provide proof of vaccination within two weeks of arrival. No testing is required, but an application form – or “Flight Pass -” is.

To note: Cyprus is classified “very high” for the Covid, and the US State Department issues a “do not travel” advisory for the territory (level 4). Check with the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia.


Vaccinated travelers are welcome to the island of Grenada after completing a number of pre-flight requirements, including an application form and authorization.

Visitors will also need proof of a negative Covid test within 72 hours of departure and health insurance covering Covid-related illnesses.

To note: CDC classifies Covid as “low risk”, and US State Department is asking travelers to “exercise extra caution” (level 2). Check with the Granada tourist office.


The island nation allows vaccinated travelers to avoid quarantine on arrival with a Covid test, and does not ask for proof of a negative test before arriving.

Proof of vaccination and a form are required.

To note: The CDC ranks the country as “high” for Covid, and the US State Department continues to ask Americans to “reconsider travel” (level 3). Learn more about Iceland Air.

Other destinations

A number of countries not named above are also accepting fully vaccinated visitors from the United States, but information will change as restrictions are relaxed and vaccinations continue to escalate.

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