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What’s next for ordinary Joe?


This can be called Ordinary joe, but star James wolk wants you to know it’s not just Joe’s show.

By now, you may have been able to watch the first episode of NBC’s latest drama, which follows Joe Kimbreau through the three lives he lives after making three different post-graduation decisions: follow Jenny (Elizabeth lail), follow Amy (Nathalie Martinez) or go to dinner with his family.

In a world, he’s a nurse married to Jenny, but their marriage is falling apart. In another, he’s a rockstar married to Amy, but they’re struggling with infertility. In the third, he’s single and a cop, like his father. In all three lifetimes, Jenny gave birth to Joe’s son, but in rockstar’s life the baby was given up for adoption. Single cop Joe doesn’t know the kid is his, and Nurse Joe happily raises him along with Jenny.

Wolk says that while we’ve mostly gotten to know the Three Joes so far, the show will dive into all of the other characters as well.