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What would Florida Man eat?  This tiki bar says it’s a “trailer special sauce”

People always say they want to eat like a king. But have you ever wanted to eat like Florida Man?

A tiki bar inside a Fort Myers Beach resort thinks you will – and it has the ingredients.

Meet the pizza “The Florida Man”. This is the ultimate challenge for foodies who want to say, “I’m a Florida man (or woman). And as the name suggests, the toppings are a bit wild and very, well, Florida:

Fried gator. Banana peppers. And a little spicy homemade “Trailer Special Sauce”. And orange.


Tiki bar general manager Robert Reilly says it’s delicious. Locals and tourists alike who visit the famous Tiki Bar at Lighthouse Resort Inn & Suites, 10501 Fifth St. in Fort Myers Beach, seem to think so, too.

Pizza was added to the menu in March and quickly became one of the tiki bar’s bestsellers, Reilly said.

“The Florida Man” pizza at the World Famous Tiki Bar at Lighthouse Resort Inn & Suites in Fort Myers Beach is made with a homemade “special trailer sauce” and is topped with fried gator and banana peppers.

Why is the pizza named after Florida Man?

Reilly said they plan to create a specialty alligator pizza, which tourists usually want to try when visiting Florida. At one point he remembered the Florida Man Challenge (Google “Florida Man” followed by your birthday to see what you get). And because tiki employees are “the funniest people in the world,” the name stuck, he said.

It was common. It was funny. And the pizza had a gator.

“It was a golden opportunity,” said Reilly.

Is there a Florida themed drink to go with it?

Not yet, but Reilly said they were considering adding one. For now, he says people tend to enjoy the 12- or 16-inch pizza while relaxing by the pool with a “bucket” of rum and juice.

But what does alligator pizza taste like?

Like Florida, we’re guessing.

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