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What witnesses said in the Chauvin trial

Witnesses to George Floyd’s arrest gave moving testimony about the presence at the scene of Mr. Floyd’s arrest.

The teenager who filmed the viral video of the scene, a city firefighter who begged the police to check Mr. Floyd’s pulse and a nine-year-old girl out for a walk for snacks all testified to watching Mr. Floyd below the knee. of former policeman Derek Chauvin.

Mr. Chauvin’s defense will have the opportunity to call their own witnesses after the prosecution concludes its case later this month. The former officer denies the murder and manslaughter charges.

Here’s what we’ve heard so far.

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Jena rushes

“ My instinct was telling me that something was wrong ”

The first witness called to testify was a 911 dispatcher who dispatched police to Cup Foods, where Mr. Floyd allegedly bought cigarettes with a counterfeit ticket.

Ms Scurry watched the arrest unfold on a live CCTV feed on a camera in front of the store, and thought the video had “frozen” due to the length of time the three officers stayed over. Mr. Floyd.

“They were still on the pitch. This whole situation was still the same,” she said, noting that she was also distracted by other work issues at the time.

“My gut was telling me that something’s wrong, something’s wrong. I don’t know what, but something was wrong,” she said. “It was an extended period of time.”

She called a supervising sergeant to report what she had seen. “Call me a snitch if you like,” she said according to the audio of the call, adding “everyone sat on this man.”

Christophe martin

“ If I just hadn’t taken the bill, it could have been avoided ”

The teenage store clerk who said he believed Mr. Floyd unknowingly paid for cigarettes with a fake $ 20 bill told the court he was guilty of Mr. Floyd’s death.

Mr Martin, 19, said he lived in the building above Cup Foods, but moved after the incident.

“I didn’t feel safe,” the teen said.

He said Mr. Floyd “seemed to be high” that day because he had trouble answering a simple question, but was lucid enough to be able to carry on a conversation. He described Mr. Floyd as “friendly and approachable”.

Mr Martin, who witnessed the arrest, said he felt “incredulous and guilty” because “if I had simply not taken the note it could have been avoided”.

Donald williams

“ I called the police on the police ”

Among those who testified was a pro-MMA fighter and security guard who was heard in the viral video of Mr. Floyd’s arrest, calling the officers “punks” and “assassins.”

Mr Williams, 33, had gone fishing with his son earlier in the day and had gone to Cup Foods for a drink.

“I called the police on the police. I believe I witnessed a murder. I felt the need to call the police on the police,” he said.

“It was wrong, which they just did,” he told the 911 dispatcher, according to a recording of the call played in court.

The trained wrestler said he saw Mr. Chauvin use a “blood choke” to cut off the airways, and a “shimmy” grip to keep the pressure on Mr. Floyd.

He said he saw Mr. Floyd’s life “disappear, like a fish in a bag”.

In cross-examination, he took issue with the idea that he and the crowd were getting “more and more angry”.

He says his words “became more and more pleading for life” as Mr. Floyd fell unconscious.

When defense attorney Eric Nelson repeated the question, Mr. Williams again objected.

“I grew up professional and professional,” he said. “I stayed in my body. You can’t paint me to be angry.”

Genevieve Hansen

“He wasn’t moving; he was held back but he did not move “

The off-duty Minneapolis city firefighter was hoping to have a “peaceful day” and went for a walk, she said.

She noticed the lights of the police car and wondered if her colleagues were responding to a fire.

“As I got closer, there was a woman across the street screaming that they were killing him,” said Ms Hansen, 27, who also trained an emergency medical technician (EMT).

“I was worried to see a handcuffed man who did not move with the police with all their weight on his back and a stressed crowd,” she said.

Ms. Hansen described begging the officer to check Mr. Floyd’s pulse and begin CPR. An officer, she said, told her that “if you really are a Minneapolis firefighter you will know better than to get involved.”

After the defense attorney asked if the crowd had been “upset or angry,” they replied, “I don’t know if you saw someone get killed, but it’s upsetting.”


‘I remain standing to apologize and apologize to George Floyd’

“When I look at George Floyd, I look at my father. I look at my brothers, I look at my cousins, my uncles. Because they are all black,” said the 18-year-old who filmed the viral video of the Stop.

“I look at this and I look at how it could have been one of them,” said Darnella, the first of four witnesses the judge allowed to speak off camera because they were minors at the time of the interview. ‘incident.

“I’ve been standing for nights to apologize and apologize to George Floyd for not doing more, not interacting physically and not having saved his life,” she continued. .

“But that’s not what I should have done. It’s what he should have done,” she said, referring to Mr. Chauvin.


‘I did not do anything’

Another teenage girl present that day said she felt powerless to help seeing Mr. Chauvin working to keep the pressure on Mr. Floyd.

“I kind of saw him lower his knee more,” the 18-year-old said, “on Mr. Floyd’s neck.”

“I felt like there was really nothing I could do,” Alyssa continued. “As a spectator, I was helpless there and I did nothing.”

When asked why she had shouted at Mr. Chauvin to release Mr. Floyd, she replied, “I knew time was running out or he already had … that he was going to die.”


‘I was afraid of Chauvin’

“It was like pushing his knee into George Floyd’s neck,” the 17-year-old testified.

She added that Mr. Chauvin “grabbed his lump and started shaking it at us … I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

“I was afraid of Chauvin,” she added.

Darnella’s cousin

‘I was sad and a little crazy’

Nine-year-old Darnella’s cousin said Mr. Chauvin did not remove his knee from Mr. Floyd, even after paramedics told him to do so.

“I was sad and a little angry, and I felt like it was preventing her from breathing and it was hurting her,” she replied when asked how the event made her feel. made you feel.

“It looked like he was in pain,” she added.

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