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What was Gerrit Cole’s turnover rate against the Twins?  Yankees ace makes first start since Spider Tack question

After fumbling with a question about the alleged use of illegal substances in the pitch, Yankees ace Gerrit Cole was expected to get a lot of attention for his start on Wednesday against the Twins.

New York Post reporter Ken Davidoff asked Cole on Tuesday if he was using Spider Tack, a substance which is one of several substances suspected of being used by pitchers to increase spin on their throws. Cole’s response was a surprise non-response.

So what was his turnover rate on his first trip to the mound since he was set up?

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Well, not that different from previous releases. According to data from Baseball Savant, his fastball was down 59 RPM, its slider was 87 RPM, its curve ball was 5 RPM, and its change was 125 RPM from its average of the season. In other words, the difference was tiny.

Ground Max spin Minimum spin Medium spin Average ’21 rotation
fast ball 2 606 2 299 2,493 2,552
Curveball 3,032 2,673 2 837 2,832
Slide 2,732 2 421 2,621 2 708
Change 2 160 1,709 1,870 1,745

Several of Cole’s best throws came against Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson, who called Cole on Sunday for a lower turnover rate in his previous start, which Cole did after four minor league pitchers received. a 10-game suspension for using foreign substances.

Cole faced Donaldson three times on Wednesday and threw four of his 11 toughest pitches of the night against him, including two of four fastballs topping 100 mph. In the first inning, he hit Donaldson into a curve that had the fifth highest spin rate of the night at 2,901 rpm, then looked him down.

Cole told reporters during his post-game Zoom call that conversations in clubs and calls from players’ associations would be the best way forward to deal with issues like sticky baseballs. .

“I definitely think, you know, player versus player type things, I certainly think there is a way to go about it and especially in a year of negotiation, there is probably a smart way to go about it. take a lot of heat on us and obviously get into a situation where we can legislate some of the things you mentioned, the field rules and the like, get into that situation, so hopefully we will continue to have conversations in our clubhouse, we continue to have conversations about union calls, ”Cole said. He is a member of the MLBPA Executive Sub-Committee. “You know this is the forum to share your opinions and be on the same page about things, and so I guess just try to keep using it to express how we ultimately see the future. of this game. “

Peak turnover or not, Cole had no problem handling the rest of the Twins on Wednesday either. He allowed two runs on five hits, without a walk and nine strikeouts, in six innings. The Yankees won 9-6.

Both points have come on solo circuits; the first to Jorge Polanco and the second to Miguel Sano. Polanco’s home run was on a 98.3 mph fastball with a spin speed of 2,349 rpm, and Sano’s bomb was a 97.9 mph fastball with a spin speed of 2,402 rpm.

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