What to expect – good and bad – for your zodiac sign in March 2022

Let’s be festive in March! With a glorious month ahead of us, the stars above will be dancing to an optimistic tune. Life will also accelerate rapidly with all the planets moving across the sky, promising that we will be busy and watch our lives unfold at a brisk pace.

It’s a month of lucky beginnings

Mars 2022 brings together many planets in conjunctions, that is, where they meet at the same place in the sky. Conjunctions signify new beginnings, the beginning of distinct cycles and new beginnings. Luck and good news will fill our personal and professional lives, so start planning ahead for new patterns you’d like to initiate in March!

Our cosmic lovers energize our social lives

Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the planet of passion, will dance side by side in the skies of Aquarius this month. This ensures that we will experience a more active social life in the weeks to come, that we will spend more time with friends and acquaintances, in addition to having the possibility of expanding our networks. Getting involved in communities and groups, as well as volunteering, will bring joy to our hearts.

It’s Pisces season

Let’s be spiritual! For most of the month, the sun will swim through the tropical reefs of Pisces. We will be deeply intuitive, introspective and mystical. Open your heart to others. Release what does not serve your higher good. Reflect on what you’ve built over the past 12 months and start dreaming about what you’d like to start once the spring equinox arrives.

March will be glorious. Buckle up!
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Spring has arrived!

The Vernal Equinox will occur on Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 11:33 a.m. Eastern Time. It’s the official start of the year of the zodiac and the start of the spring season! It’s a time of new beginnings, new beginnings, and loading into new territory. Get ready to feel the spice of life and your inner fire awaken again. It is also the start of Aries season.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Astronomical Weather in March 2022

  • 03/01/2022: Since November 2021, gentle Venus has been lost in the fog due to its retrograde phase. Finally, she will leave this cosmic dust behind as she rushes back. Get ready for love, money and beauty to be back in full force!
  • 03/02/2022: A new moon in Pisces appears today, bringing you all the emotional thrills! Get in touch with what your spirit is telling you. The Sun also claps Uranus, bringing you exciting spontaneity. Mercury unites with Saturn, which will give you focus and focus – don’t let your head sink into pessimistic thoughts. You have this!
  • 03/03/2022: Get ready for an intense day — wowza! Mars unites with Pluto, the planet of rebirth and domination, bringing you an insatiable thirst for power and sex. Your ambitions might see success if you strike now. Venus also snuggles up to Pluto. For one thing, you might be able to magnetically draw people to you. On the other hand, if you are in a toxic relationship, there could be drama and hellish possessiveness. Just take a chill pill.
  • 03/05/2022: The luckiest day of the year has arrived! It’s a big deal – so take advantage of the chance by taking risks, starting projects and showing off. You can use it in any way. Prepare for miracles. Action will take you far now.
  • 03/06/2022: Our cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, hold hands and parade in Aquarius. Get ready for the social vibes. Online dating will be fine for singles – or even asking out a cutie you’ve known for a while. Venus and Mars will also unite again, making it a five-star day for romance, passion, and sex.
  • 3/7/2022: Neptune, our planet of spirituality and imagination, begins to slow down in the sky today. In the months ahead, watch for synchronicities and patterns in your dreams.
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Plan ahead for the best and toughest days of the month.
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  • 03/09/2022: Mercury, the planet of spirit, dances in the seas of Pisces for the weeks ahead. Prepare for your head to be drastically colored by your emotions and your heart. Creativity will be enhanced.
  • 03/13/2022: As the Sun and Neptune ramble today, you will feel heightened levels of sensitivity, empathy, and creativity. Have a heart to heart with someone special. Catch a movie at the cinema or watch a visually stunning series on TV.
  • 03/17/2022: Mercury and Uranus are best friends today, which means your day will be filled with exciting news and stimulating conversations. Good surprises could be found in every nook and cranny.
  • 03/18/2022: The worm moon is coming. We will feel productive, ambitious and eager to transform our lives for the better. Find a way to streamline your plans to be more efficient and eliminate the things – and people – that just waste your time. Goodbye goodbye.
  • 03/19/2022: Ouch! A thunderbolt will strike Venus from Uranus today, so relationships will be difficult and chaotic. To best harness this energy, fix the issue in the bedroom with your boo or, if you’re single, chase someone who’s a little more eccentric and outside of your usual type. Do not act too impulsively, because scandals will come to people who cheat at this time.
  • 03/20/2022: The spring equinox arrives as soon as the sun ignites in Aries. Happy spring my friends!
  • 03/21/2022: Get ready for good news, euphoric moods and exciting blessings to fill your day. Mercury gets a big bear hug from Jupiter, and we’ll feel fabulous. Sign contracts, make promises or start projects today if you want them to be sealed by luck.
  • 03/22/2022: Ickkkkk! Both Mars and Uranus are known to cause a scene and mayhem, so when they are both in a bad mood and throwing bombs at each other, it means it’s time to lay low. TBH: This energy will begin to be felt on the 19thand and will persist until around the 24thand, with today being the most intense. People will act irrationally and impulsively, so try not to rock the boat. Accidents, breakdowns and fights are all possible. To best exploit this vibe, find creative outlets for your ideas and be inventive in the bedroom with your bae.
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Give love to do more.
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  • 03/23/2022: As Mercury and Neptune kiss, your mind will be filled with creative fantasies and can more easily tap into psychic impressions. Listen to your intuition. However, confusion, fear, and paranoia can also appear, such as . . . don’t jump off the deep end.
  • 03/26/2022: With Mercury and Pluto working in tandem today, you will have some profound revelations about the spirit. You can also use your powerful ideas, words, and authority to move forward. People will find you persuasive and convincing.
  • 03/27/2022: Our cosmic messenger, Mercury, is transforming into Aries for the weeks to come! Our minds and our communications will become more fiery, direct and passionate. Seize the day to take the lead in all your endeavors.
  • 03/28/2022: As Saturn kicks Venus in the stomach today, we will feel down, lonely and depressed. Disappointment or distance in relationships are now possible. Unions that are on fragile foundations could even break up today. Financial difficulties may also appear now. It’s best to unplug and let those trash vibes pass. April will also be a lot of fun.

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My best friend and world famous psychic Calise Simone’s predictions:

From March 1-3, you may feel like time is running out and you’re racing against time to get everything done. Tie up all the details, it’s the last push before the fun begins! Your future self will thank you. Aim to have your goals in place by the 18th, so you can sit back, relax, and watch your dreams manifest. The intentions and actions you set now will determine your success for the next eight months. Play your cards right and you could live your dream.

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