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What to cook this weekend

Hello. The Kentucky Derby is scheduled for Saturday at 6:57 p.m. EST at Churchill Downs in Louisville. (I’m not a handicapper, but you know my money is in soup and sandwich!)

Naturally, you’ll want to drink a mint julep while you watch, if you watch, but I’m more interested in the meal that might follow: Hot Browns, maybe, or chili cheese and stuffed eggs. You can fill the endive spears with benedict, follow with fried chicken – or, if you’re outside, with fried chicken cookies (above). How about melting bourbon balls for dessert? I think so, yes.

It’s Saturday night, for some. Others may prefer this excellent chicken katsu recipe, with a simple tonkatsu sauce that you can use for many other recipes. (It’s great on karaage, the Japanese fried chicken. It’s great on plain rice!) Or you can make adasi, a Persian dish of stewed lentils that’s often eaten for breakfast in Iran, but which combines wonderfully with a hard-boiled egg for lunch or dinner. And there’s always spring tofu soup. It’s a fabulous weekend meal.

Whatever you do, I think it would be great if you could run those steel cut oatmeal in the slow cooker before stopping to watch a screen before bed. It’s a great way to wake up to perfectly cooked oatmeal, fuel for a day in the kitchen before the week ahead.

You could make a lasagna for the freezer. You can assemble stuffed peppers to put in the fridge and cook on Monday evening. You can bake brown butter cornbread, make chili to go with it, use leftovers as a garnish for some baked eggs with kale, bacon, and cornbread crumbs. And if you’re working from home next week, or will be home next week, this roast beef recipe makes delicious breakfast sandwiches. You can make it too, and if you’re not going with chili for dinner, end the day with a stir-fry of grated tofu and shiitake. It is an excellent meal.

Thousands of more cooking ideas this week are waiting for you at New York Times Cooking, at least once you’ve signed up for the site and app. We think it’s worth your time and money, obviously, but we don’t just give you the recipes in return. There’s also storage and organization, the ability to review recipes and leave notes on them for the benefit of yourself and others, and plenty of instructions for those who want to learn the trades better. the kitchen. How to make pasta, for example, or how to make soup.

You can also find us, as people say, “off platform”. We dance on YouTube and link to our news articles and restaurant reviews on Twitter. We post some great photos – our own and yours – on Instagram. And yes, we are also on Facebook. Please join us.

We are also available if you have any problems while you are cooking or using our site and apps. Write to us at and someone will get back to you. (You can also write to me: I read all the messages sent.)

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Take advantage of it all and I will see you on Sunday. (Soup and sandwich, folks! Don’t forget to bet!)

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