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What Leslie Odom Jr.’s ‘Hamilton’ Co-Star Said About Raising A Black Son

Leslie Odom Jr. revealed the meaningful words one of his ‘Hamilton’ co-stars shared about raising a black son in the United States

The Oscar nominee and his wife, Nicolette Robinson, welcomed their second child and first son, Able Phineas, on March 25, almost four years after becoming parents to their daughter, Lucy Ruby.

In her cover interview for the Deadline and Rolling Stone collaboration issue “Celebrating Music in Cinema,” Odom opened up about her growing family and something her “Hamilton” co-star and friend Renée Elise Goldsberry said about parenthood of a black son in today’s world.

“Renée told me a very beautiful thing about the education of young black men which I am paraphrasing:“ Blacks have been bringing children into a hostile world for generations. If our parents, great-grandparents or great-great-grandparents waited until the world was free from all hostility before giving birth to us, we would not be here, ”he said. (Goldsberry has an 11-year-old son named Benjamin and an 8-year-old daughter, Brielle.)

Odom also compared his experience of having his daughter to the prospect of having a son.

“My daughter taught me everything I had to offer as a father,” he noted. “I’m doing even more spiritual work on what it means for me to welcome a little man.”

The “One Night in Miami” star opened up about her approach to parenthood. Empowering her daughter is a high priority.

“We accept it as it is,” he told Fatherly in February. “We tell her the truth and we also try to model certain behaviors for her. We don’t hit you, so you are not allowed to hit us. We don’t talk to you that way. You are not allowed to talk to us that way. It is self-respect, self-respect – there is only so much abuse that we are going to tolerate for ourselves. And we want her to have the same respect for herself.

Odom also learned a thing or two from Lucy.

“I really understand generosity and I understand selflessness in a way that I’ve never had before,” he added. “I give you all that I have and all that I can, and I expect nothing in return.”


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