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What is the role of the signalman on the Tour de France?

What does the role of a signaller on the Tour de France consist of?

It is a question of securing the course, before the passage of the advertising caravan and until after the passage of the runners. These barrier guards will also be able to inform spectators and invite motorists to turn around, depending on traffic authorizations and bans. The flaggers will therefore be positioned in strategic places on the route: crossroads, crossroads… “In Trébeurden alone, there are 63 crossings with the departmental road, between Penvern and Le Corsaire! », Specifies Yannick Halna, assistant for urban space in Trébeurden (22). Critical crossing points for runners (roundabouts, beans, etc.) will be secured by straw bales and the Republican Guard.

Yannick Halna, urban space assistant, and Eric Le Gac, technical services manager at Trébeurden (22), in front of one of the decorations inspired by the Great Loop and produced by the technical services (Le Télégramme / Audrey Abiven)

Do you have to have a specific profile, know your bike?

You don’t have to be a bicycle aficionado. “You just need goodwill,” says Eric Le Gac, head of technical services at Trébeurden. The only conditions are: to be available on the day of the Grande Boucle in the municipality concerned (for example, on June 27 in Trébeurden), to be the holder of a driving license and therefore to know the Highway Code and, of course, to remain at his post all the time of his shift.

Will all volunteers be assigned to the Tour route? Will they be able to see the runners?

Yes of course. All stations are located at crossroads and crossings along the route. Volunteers will therefore be able to enjoy the event as close as possible to the race. They will participate in the great celebration represented by the passage of the Tour in the town.

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