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What is the point of your campaign? — ‘Your unfavorables are on the rise’

FNC anchor Shannon Bream asked Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy what the point was in running as his unfavorable numbers rise as Americans get to know him on this week’s show from “Fox News Sunday.”

Bream said: “President Trump has now expanded his lead to 60%. Many analysts say everyone is sort of playing for second place. You said you would not accept the position of vice president. So what’s the point of your campaign now? »

Ramaswamy said: “The main goal for me is to go even further on the America First agenda than Donald Trump. »

Bream said: “So your profile is growing, but in doing so our survey also shows that your unfavorable elements are growing. This is the latest poll, up 12 points since our August poll.

She continued: “A recent opinion piece puts it this way. “Of all the descriptors attached to Vivek Ramaswamy, the 38-year-old political newbie enjoying a strange surge in the race for second place in the Republican primaries, the most common seems to be boring.” Why do you think that as more people know you, your negatives also increase? »

Ramaswamy said: “We have received intense criticism, Shannon, over the last few weeks since I performed well in that second debate. And that’s part of the process. I therefore invite open debate. The reality is that many people are annoyed by my rise and think that a 38 year old is too young to be President of the United States. The fact is that Thomas Jefferson was 33 years old when he wrote the United States Declaration of Independence. Moreover, he also invented the swivel seat. And so I think we need to revive that spirit.

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