What is PetSmart’s fish return policy? (Update 2023)

Bringing home a fish can be a fun and exciting time, but if something goes wrong and the fish doesn’t work, you might be afraid to return it.

Before purchasing a fish from PetSmart, make sure you are familiar with the fish return policy and process.

What is PetSmart’s fish return policy?

Return policy

PetSmart’s fish return policy states that you can return any fish to the store within 14 days whether it’s sick, dead or alive.

You must have a receipt for the fish and you must return it to the same store where you bought it.

The return policy allows you to exchange the fish for the same type of fish or exchange it for another type of fish at the same price.

If the fish is dead, you can exchange it for a live fish.

If the fish is sick, you can exchange it for a healthy fish.

If you don’t want to trade your fish for another fish, you can request a refund or even a store credit.

You will be credited with the same price you paid for the fish.

Does PetSmart have a fish warranty?


PetSmart has a warranty on its live fish.

If a fish dies or becomes ill after purchasing it, you have up to 14 days to return it.

During this time, you can exchange the fish or request a refund for the value of the fish.

This guarantee also covers the fish if they are sick or if you simply decide that they are not the right addition to your aquarium.

Can I return fish to PetSmart?

colorful aquarium fish in deep dark blue water

Yes, you can return the fish to PetSmart.

There are many things that can cause a fish to die or get sick after you bring it home from the store.

PetSmart wants to satisfy its customers and offers a return policy that allows you to return your fish to the store for any reason within 14 days.

This gives you plenty of time to bring your pet home, see if it is adjusting to its new life, and decide if it is the best pet for you.

If the animal becomes ill or dies during this time, you can return it as long as you have a receipt.

Can you return dead fish to PetSmart?

catch a dead goldfish floating above and a few swimming below

Losing a fish can be devastating.

Although fish are small, they can hold a big place in the hearts of their owners.

When you buy a fish, you hope to have it for several years.

Unfortunately, the fish are dying.

This can be caused by several different factors, including water quality, other fish, poor diet, health issues, and even the stress of moving to a new home or being in a new one. environment.

If you buy a fish from PetSmart and it dies, you can return it within 14 days of the purchase date as long as you have the receipt.

Can you return live fish to PetSmart?

Sea anemone and clown fish in a marine aquarium

Sometimes when you buy a pet from PetSmart, things just don’t work out.

Your new fish may not get along well with the other fish in the aquarium, it may be too big or too small for the aquarium, or it may not look or act as you expected.

Even if you have a perfectly healthy fish, you can always return it to a PetSmart store.

PetSmart accepts returns of live fish as long as you have a receipt and are able to return it within 14 days of purchase.

You don’t have to give an explanation when you return the fish, but if you plan to get a replacement fish, it may be helpful to tell the PetSmart staff why the returned fish didn’t work.

This will help them determine which other fish might be a better fit for your tank or your preferences.

Can you return sick fish to PetSmart?

The sick goldfish swims upside down in the aquarium.

When you buy a pet from PetSmart, you expect it to be healthy and live a full life.

Unfortunately, many fish get sick during transport to the pet store or even from the pet store to your home.

They can also get sick when they come into contact with other fish that are kept in the same tank as them.

This is why it is important to quarantine your fish when you bring them home from a pet store and before adding them to an aquarium with other fish.

If your fish is sick, it may not show any symptoms for several days.

During this time, he could spread his disease to other fish in your aquarium.

Quarantining the fish will allow you to observe it to make sure it is healthy before exposing your other fish to it.

If your fish begins to show signs of illness or is not acting properly, you can return it to PetSmart.

You need to let them know the fish is sick, so they can also put it in a quarantine tank, so other healthy fish aren’t exposed to it.

To return a sick fish you will need a copy of the receipt and the return must be made within 14 days of the date of purchase.

How do I know if my fish is dead?

fish die in transparent glass.

If your fish does not appear to be healthy or alive, you will want to check if it is dead before returning it to PetSmart.

Some fish remain motionless while sleeping, so they may appear dead even though they are not.

If you think your fish may be dead, check for some of these signs.

1. Check vital signs

Your fish has vital signs, but they look different than a human’s.

You will need to check if your fish is breathing.

Look closely at its gills to see if they move in and out.

If the gills don’t move, the fish won’t move and may be dead.

2. Check the eyes

Look closely at the eyes of the fish.

If they look completely cloudy or sunken, that’s a sign the fish is dead.

3. Pick it up

Use a net to gently scoop up the fish.

If the fish moves when you place the landing net towards it, it is not dead and may have just slept.

If you are able to pick up the fish, you will also be able to examine it more closely to determine if it is breathing.

Can you return unwanted fish to PetSmart?


Most people buy a fish with big plans.

You may already know where you’ll put it, what other fish will go with it, and what the tank will look like when finished.

If your fish isn’t working for some reason, you may not want to keep it.

You can return any unwanted fish to PetSmart.

As long as you return the fish within 14 days of the purchase date, you can exchange it for another fish, get store credit, or even get a refund.

If you’re outside of your return window and don’t want your fish, you can still return it to PetSmart, but they won’t offer you any credits, refunds, or exchanges.

Can I return a fish to PetSmart without a receipt?

thinking young man looking down thinking blue

PetSmart requires that you have a copy of your receipt in order to return any fish for a refund, exchange or credit.

Although it is clearly stated in the return policy, it may depend on each store.

If you shop at a particular store often and the employees remember that you bought the fish, they may be willing to return it with a receipt.

If you are a member of the PetSmart Rewards program, the store may be able to view your purchase history and see that you purchased the fish there and within the 14-day return period.

They may even be able to print a copy of the receipt.

Do I need a water sample to return a fish to PetSmart?

Test dropper in a test tube on a white background

PetSmart does not require you to bring a water sample from your tank in order to treat and return it.

If you think your fish have died or become ill due to your water quality, it’s a good idea to bring a sample along with the fish you wish to return.

PetSmart can test your water to find out what kind of problems you might have.

This will allow you to treat the water and correct these problems before buying more fish and adding them to the tank.

PetSmart tests the water for free and will be able to tell you what’s safe and what’s not.

If your water parameters aren’t right, a PetSmart employee can show you which products can help bring them up to the right levels and ensure your fish are healthy and happy in your aquarium.

Should I bring in a dead fish for a refund at PetSmart?

Pleco fish or Suckermouth catfish died due to poor water quality

Yes, if you purchased a fish from PetSmart and it died, you will need to bring it along with your receipt for reimbursement.

This proves to the store that the fish is dead.

It will also give them a chance to look at him and decide what caused his death.

In some cases, they may be able to see signs of illness or disease.

Knowing what caused the fish to die will allow you to monitor your other fish for signs of similar illnesses and help you determine the best way to prevent the problem from spreading to your other fish.

Can I return a half-eaten fish to PetSmart?

thinking man

When you add new fish to your aquarium, you always hope that they will get along with the other fish that live there.

You should research different breeds of fish to determine which can live together and which are peaceful.

If you find that your new fish has been nipped, bitten, attacked or eaten, you must still bring it back to the store with you for a refund.

PetSmart replaces and exchanges fish for various reasons, and as long as you have part of the fish and the receipt, they will accept your return.

Can I trade fish at PetSmart?

Young woman buying fish in a fishmonger.

PetSmart lets you trade fish.

If your fish dies, gets sick, or just isn’t the best option for your aquarium, you can take it back to the PetSmart store where you bought it and ask to have it exchanged.

You will need a copy of your receipt and the exchange must be made within 14 days of the original purchase date.

You can exchange your fish for another fish of the same type or a different type.

Most stores will require you to choose a fish that is in the same price range as the original, but some may let you pay the price difference.

Will PetSmart test my water quality?

petsmart store

If you are returning a fish to PetSmart and are concerned about having your water tested, you can ask a PetSmart employee to test the water for you.

They will do this by requesting a water sample and using a simple test to tell you which parameters are within safe levels and which are unsafe.

You’ll need to improve your water quality and make sure it’s ideal for the fish you want before you can buy new fish and add them to the tank.

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