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The Airline Job Saving Plan Hop! has been retouched by the labor administration on February 16, 2021. If the opening of the voluntary departure plan, initially scheduled for the end of January 2021, is consequently delayed, this does not change the fate of its employees who will leave the company at the latest at the end of 2022.

Leave now or stay until the end?

With each of the very personal trade-offs (geographical criterion, job security, salary, etc.), the thorny question arises for the 276 employees: should they leave now or stay until the end? Whatever their choice, all will benefit from a departure bonus indexed to their length of service, this bonus being higher the earlier the employees leave the company. So some play the card of prudence, preferring to wait until the end for the economic situation to be better, while maintaining their wages. Others are turning the page to plan a new job as quickly as possible.

Explore new professional paths

The latter have opted for a period of availability, a transitional solution “to make it possible not to miss work opportunities, because they do not appear twice”, explains Sébastien Grandjean, mechanic. In maintenance, which has around 200 employees, around 20 are in this situation. A way for them to anticipate the post-Hop !, without threatening their exit conditions, this period being “taken advantage of to test new professional avenues”. Without taking any risk: “If the employee realizes that he has taken a wrong turn, he has the possibility of coming back. Far from being a failure, an experience in a large agrifood group or on a shipyard has enabled people to rule out what they will not go after ”.

Highly qualified profiles

Because if a few can be reclassified internally, on the Hop! from Nantes or Clermont-Ferrand, many will have to give up their work of the heart. “We love our job, we chose it to work in the air, but in the region there will be nothing for us,” said the mechanic. Which underlines, however, that “maintenance technicians, with highly qualified profiles, are quite sought after”. TheBrittany Aeronautical Industrial Workshop (AIA) has also announced in mid January the recruitment of civilian personnel in aeronautical maintenance.

Outside of aeronautics, their profiles are of interest to other companies, some of which have come to Hop! present their professions: this is the case of Naval Group (Brest and Lorient), which would provide for hiring in 2021, the equipment manufacturer targeting part of the market for the future aircraft carrier in Saint-Nazaire, and the Laïta dairy cooperative, in Landerneau. Other companies, like Paprec (recycling), Thales (defense and electronics), Navtis (subcontractor of Naval Group) or Siemens (Landivisiau gas plant) would also have come forward.

What reconversion in the country of Morlaix?

The fact remains that reconversions towards these companies will result in a drain of skills and purchasing power from the Morlais living area, even if locally some avenues are emerging: Veolia Waters, Claas (agricultural machinery) or the agri-food company specializing in frozen food. , Primel Gastronomie, have already given a chance to former airline employees. La Sermeta (heat exchangers for boilers) would also seek to recruit. As for the company Chalair aviation, its recent announcement of the opening of a maintenance support site in Morlaix (ten positions), opened up prospects for local reclassification.

In the meantime, the employees of the Morlais site are not idle: two planes are currently under maintenance, including a CRJ700 which will soon leave for the United States to join two other CRJs, already delivered across the Atlantic.

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