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What fans can expect from Kate Walsh’s Grey’s Anatomy return

Back home to her favorite hospital!

Grey’s Anatomy fan favorite Kate walsh is back as Dr Addison Montgomery for Season 18, and his highly anticipated return is a true homecoming. But no one is as excited as Walsh to see Dr. Montgomery onscreen again.

“Fans are going to be thrilled,” Walsh exclaimed exclusively during E! New’ Daily pop Thursday, October 14. “It’s like coming home, going back to a job you started 18 years ago. Who really does that?”

Plus, Walsh felt right at home next door Grey’s Anatomy lead Ellen Pompeo.

“There are great professional and personal things going on between Addison and Meredith [Pompeo], which I think the fans will be very excited about, satisfied with and surprised about as well, ”Walsh continued.

Pompeo previously stated Daily pop co-host Justin sylvestre on Oct. 11 that she has a “special bond” with Walsh, and Walsh’s return even caused a few tears on set.