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What can we expect from Prince Harry’s book?

And it looks like The Duke of Sussex will keep all topics on the table, judging by publisher Penguin Random House’s announcement. He said the book would cover Harry’s life so far, taking into account his decade with the military as well as his enjoyment of having a family.

Harry himself recognized the ground he wanted to cover, saying: “I have worn many hats over the years.” His stated goal in reopening, – promising to include “the ups and downs” of being a senior royal – is unity. His story, he said, will show that “no matter where we come from, we have more in common than we think.”

British tabloids had a field day with the announcement. Immediately describing the memoirs to come as “another blow to the queen” and wondering if he had asked permission to write them. Ultimately, since he’s no longer a working royal, Harry doesn’t need to ask the company. Having said that, it is always polite to tell your grandma, which he would have done.

Officially, the palace is silent for the moment. But that’s normal for the course, as he wouldn’t normally respond to something he hadn’t seen.

The news of the book surprised some royal watchers and begs the question: why write it?

Critics will point out that the couple previously said they were moving to the United States to escape unbearable press pressure, and yet Harry has been quite approachable last year. Whether it’s sharing her truth alongside Meghan when they meet Oprah, on a joking bus ride with late-night star James Corden, or from an armchair for a popular podcast, Harry has already shared a lot of himself with the public.

But that’s the point. The couple have always said they want to keep working, using their platform to raise awareness for causes that are dear to them but on their own terms.

Harry’s choice to set the record straight in a book is an interesting one. It shows that, despite everything, he still doesn’t feel like he got to really share his side of the story. Of course, the choice of medium is revealing. A TV interview can be staged, but it takes place in an instant. You can prepare for it, but you can’t change it afterwards. Putting your life into words on a page gives a person more time.

Aside from the claim that this will be a “definitive” and “intimate” account of Harry’s life experiences, little is known at this point about the contents of the book.

But that means we now have two royal moments to look forward to in 2022 – the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and, later in the year, Harry’s life story in print form. Some may fear that the book’s publication will distract attention from her grandmother’s 70-year rule, but this is highly unlikely.

Harry knows when to step out of the spotlight. You only have to look at his recent actions to realize it. Remember how he and William made sure to be seen talking to each other after their grandfather’s funeral in April or appeared together during their mother’s statue unveiling? The family know how to make sure the focus is on the right royal.
Harry is still a “much loved” member of the Queen’s family, as the monarch has already made clear. He is expected to return home for the jubilee festivities next summer and hopes the Duchess and their children can come as well. But that won’t stop the book from being a much anticipated event. There will always be an interest in the royal family and what is going on behind the palace walls. But Harry will also be aware that this is the year of the Queen, and he will not do anything to distract from her special moment.


Bill Clinton refused tea with the Queen.

When US presidents fly to the UK, Downing Street traditionally goes out of its way to showcase the much-cherished “special relationship” between the two countries, which often involves the Queen and her family. Most jump at the chance to have tea with the monarch, but that was not the case with Bill Clinton on his 1997 trip. He instead opted for a place to visit, according to formerly filed documents. Read the full story here.
What can we expect from Prince Harry’s book?

Charles and Camilla head for Cornwall.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, made a short tour of the South West of England this week. The three-day visit to Devon and Cornwall is an annual event in their calendars and has seen them visit places such as historic Exeter Cathedral and the Isles of Scilly. They met people and organizations aligned with the causes they champion, such as sustainability and community development. The trip took place days after Camilla’s 74th birthday last Saturday.

What can we expect from Prince Harry’s book?


It seems it was only yesterday that William and Kate welcomed their first child into the world, and yet Prince George turned 8 on Thursday! As has become traditional on each of their children’s birthdays, the proud parents shared a family photo of their oldest child for royal fans. George and his siblings are rarely seen by the public, appearing mostly at major royal events, which have been wiped out over the past year by the pandemic.

But by posting photographs to the public, the family’s hope is that the children will be left alone to grow up under as normal circumstances as possible. However, the third in line to the British throne has thrilled royal fans with a few appearances cheering on the England men’s football team in Euro 2020 matches alongside his football-keen father in recent weeks.

In honor of George’s birthday, here are some fun snaps of the sweet and sometimes cheeky little royal over the years.
What can we expect from Prince Harry’s book?
What can we expect from Prince Harry’s book?
What can we expect from Prince Harry’s book?

Don’t have enough? Check out our video of some of George’s cutest moments below:


As Tokyo 2020 kicks off, here’s a fun one … did you know Princess Anne has been to the Olympics before?

Yes, the Princess Royal rode the Queen’s horse Goodwill in the three-day mixed event at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal, Canada. In the years that followed, she continued to bring her experience as a veteran Olympian to her role as a British member of the International Olympic Committee. She also helped London successfully bid for the 2012 Games as Director of the London Organizing Committee and brought the Olympic Torch from Athens to London for her tour of the country.

What can we expect from Prince Harry’s book?

Ahead of this year’s Games, Anne, who is also President of the British Olympic Association, sent her best wishes to the GB team and recalled the “anticipation and excitement of stepping onto the Olympic stage” in her own sports history. The royal also acknowledged that while Tokyo 2020 will be different due to the pandemic, circumstances should not prevent athletes from taking a moment to reflect on their achievements.

“I know you have all been working incredibly hard for this moment, during the most difficult times, and I hope you find the Team GB environment a support and inspiration for you. These are your Olympics. It will be different. , but not in its importance to you. Savor it, and most importantly, enjoy it, “she said. Watch her full video post here.


What can we expect from Prince Harry’s book?

In recent days a heat wave has swept through the UK, many have taken to beaches and parks with frozen drinks to cool off. Former Royal Chef Darren McGrady revealed one of the refreshing drinks he served the Royal Family in a YouTube video this week.

“We’ve served Pimm’s a lot at Buckingham Palace in the summer at garden parties and the like,” McGrady said. “And it’s no secret that the Queen is a gin lover. It’s a drink made with gin and with a little lemonade in it… it’s really a super refreshing drink.”

McGrady revealed that the recipe for Pimm’s Royal Cocktail includes seven toppings: oranges, lemons, cherries, strawberries, cucumber, mint and borage. “It’s almost a fruit salad,” he added.

The chef said the secret was “one part of Pimm and two or three parts of Sprite or lemonade” and joked that “some royals measured it the other way around and I didn’t say not who “. It looks delicious. Are you going to try an authentic Buckingham Palace Pimm’s?


What can we expect from Prince Harry’s book?

“I am writing this not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become.”

Prince Harry is writing his life story at 36.


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