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what are the stakes for the regional elections?  – RT in French

The first round of departmental and regional elections takes place on June 20. A little less than a year from the presidential election, LREM, the RN, LFI or even LR could see a dress rehearsal before 2022. RT France takes stock.

The French departmental and regional elections will take place on June 20 and 27. Stake of abstention, strategy adopted by the various parties a little less than a year from the presidential election of 2022, or even decryption of the role of administrative communities, RT France offers you a file on this election.

Should we expect abstention records?

Under the double effect of the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing disinterest of the French for elections other than presidential, regional and departmental polls could beat new abstention records. Translation of the exponential disinterest of the French for the electoral deadlines, will abstention be the first party to come out of the polls?

The Republic on the march is preparing not to “make a splash”

The dynamics of 2017 seem distant for the presidential party. After the defeat in the Europeans of 2019 and then in the municipal and senatorial elections of 2020, the last deadlines before the presidential cardinal are fast approaching without La République en Marche (LREM) being able to reverse the trend. “I am not going to tell you that we are going to make a splash”, recognizes also for RT France Senator LREM Bernard Buis and candidate for departmental in the canton of Diois (Drôme). But despite unfavorable indicators (lack of local elected officials, unflattering polls) in a campaign that La République en Marche tends to nationalize, the macronists are not panicking.

Rise of the RN and disunity on the right: a rehearsal before the 2022 presidential election?

A little less than a year from the next presidential election, the two local ballots – regional and departmental – will look like a warm-up for the different forces of the political spectrum, who will know a little more on the evening of the second rounds. on the evolution of the ideological landscape in France. Does the concept of a “republican front” still have meaning in the face of the RN’s breakthrough? Is the left still capable of asserting itself? Do Republicans have a space between LREM and the radical right?

Agreements and disagreements of rebellious France, the left in the fog

Irreconcilable lefts in search of an impossible union? While the main left forces are trying to overcome their differences, this is not done and the local strategy is sometimes difficult to read. At the end of May, Jean-Luc Mélenchon railed on Twitter: “PCF, PS, EELV: have you thought about it? Are there still people in your house who can at least answer the phone? Your irresponsible attitude is suspect. Do you already have an agreement with Muselier? ” In question, the campaign led by the other left parties in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region where, according to studies, a duel in the second round between the Republican (LR) Renaud Muselier and the Marinist (RN) promises to be Thierry Mariani. Will the left manage to display a united front and what face will it display a stone’s throw from the presidential election?

The Republicans party he plays his survival one year before the presidential election?

The right-wing party, if it has a solid local base, is transforming the regional elections into a showcase of the disagreements that have undermined the movement for several years, in particular on the strategy to be adopted between LREM and the RN. This election promises to be a double-edged sword for Les Républicains (LR): launching pad for the right-wing party with a view to the 2022 presidential election, or illustration of an unresolved question as to its identity?

Departments / regions / intercommunalities: “We have accentuated the territorial millefeuille”

Between the different administrative strata, from the municipality to the regions, grasping the challenges of each of them is a challenge. Especially since some of their skills are intertwined. Gérard-François Dumont, president of the journal Population et Avenir, geographer and professor at the Sorbonne, delivers his analysis to RT France.

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