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What are the “Florida Man Games”? New Event Embraces Internet Joke

What are the “Florida Man Games”? New Event Embraces Internet Joke


After years of being surrounded by “Florida Man” humor, event organizers in the Sunshine State are hosting a competition day filled with crazy activities inspired by the trend.

The Florida Man Games are scheduled to take place on February 24, 2024 at Francis Field in downtown St. Augustine. Organizers have described the event as “the world’s most insane sporting showdown”, in which people are invited to participate or attend.

Noodle fights in the pool? Check. Looking for money in high winds? Check. Fight against beer belly? Check. There will also be an “obstacle course to evade arrest,” in which competitors will jump “over fences, through backyards and away from real police officers,” according to the police website. the event. The competitions are intended to be “as unexpected as the headlines that inspired them”.

An alligator is photographed in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands June 27, 2022, in Delray Beach, Florida. The new Florida Man Games, scheduled for February, will offer participants the opportunity to take photos with alligators, according to the event’s website.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A note on the frequently asked questions page of the event’s website says athleticism “is not required at all” to participate.

Outside of the main events, the Florida Man Games lists among its other entertainment options a mechanical alligator ride, a mullet competition, alligator selfies and chicken bingo.

The term “Florida Man” has come to refer to unusual or scandalous stories involving men in or from Florida. The term started as an Internet meme, but is also often used in newspaper headlines. For years, the Twitter account @_FloridaMan has shared many of these stories with her hundreds of thousands of followers. The person who managed the account, identified in a Washington Post article under the name Freddie Campion, decided to remove the account in early 2019.

Pete Melfi of St. Johns County news outlet The 904 Now is behind the February event, according to The Orlando Sentinel. Melfi said he wanted to find a way to merge some of the more unusual or eye-catching incidents depicted in “Florida Man” headlines with a competition-style event.

Sixteen teams will be selected by Nov. 30 to compete in the five main events of the Florida Man Games, according to the event website. Teams wishing to be selected must first submit a video explaining why they should qualify.

Event organizers “pick whoever has the craziest, craziest Florida Man videos,” Melfi told Sentinel. He added that people should not try things that could threaten their life or that of anyone else.

On The 904 Now show Thursday morning, Melfi said attention to the Florida Man Games is growing. He encouraged people in the area to register while tickets are available.

“You’re going to have a chance to become famous there,” he told listeners.

News week contacted event organizers by email Thursday for comment.