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What are the first names for 2020 in Brittany?

The idea is simple, on paper. It is enough to make a table going from city to city and counting the number of small Meriadeg and small Lénaïg to establish a classification. Fastoche. Since the beginning of the year 2021, the various civil states have made their blue or pink accounts books public, to create an image without relaunching the question of gender here. Just add, and presto. Except that.

Except the results haven’t been published everywhere, except that when they are published, sometimes they don’t fit into the orthodox retail count. Thus, in Lorient, the 2020 maternity hospitals have crowned Louis, Léo and Arthur without knowing exactly in what proportions. So, it will be advisable to take a few tweezers with this home cooked classification. But very often, the weight of maternity hospitals in the two metropolitan areas of Brest and Rennes sets the tone of fashion at the moment. And in 2021, there is no exception to the custom.

A king among guys

No one will be surprised that the little Covid or Chloroquine do not run across the cobblestones of Brittany. There are limits to provocation. On the other hand, some first names stand out quite clearly from the crowd. As far as we know, 131 little Raphaels, a reference to beauty and art oblige, were born from Brest to Rennes via Vannes, Quimper and Pontivy. And Lorient. The Maels are just behind the Raphaels. 42 in Rennes, 30 in Brest and 23 in Vannes: the hype is well established and counts around 110 new units. But the 2020 all-category winner does not need an interpreter to put the crown on his head: with at least 140 more units, King Arthur is in the lead among the little guys from the Breton maternity hospitals.

A wonder in girls

For girls, the pink book is more open. To be honest, he does not often give the same trifecta in order. According to the information collected, he even engages in a kind of one-upmanship where Ambre, Lou and Manon get out of the hat in Lorient when Anna, Léa and Adèle panic the counters a few kilometers further east, in the Vannes region. The trifecta, since it takes one, puts the delicate Emma on the third step of the podium (73 new Emma, ​​all the same). They are preceded by the pretty Louise (105 and regional influence, once is not customary this year). At the top, in a country that lacks wonders in this year on a ventilator, Alice regains her status as queen, and not just as queen of spades. In Brittany, they are at least 118 to hatch in 2020.

Anarchy in the Argoat

To end this quick overview, we should mention the Guingamp maternity hospital, which does nothing like the others. Admittedly, the frequency of births is significantly lower in Argoat than in Brest or Rennes, but all the same. By installing Bleuenn and Yuna for these ladies and Tom and Axel for these guys, she really stands out since none of these names appear anywhere else. By next year, Steven wins at Roudourou …

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